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Bob Taylor wins Club Rapidplay

Bob Taylor scored 4.5/5 to be the clear victor in a select, six-man field. He won his first 4 games and drew with Alan Morrey in the last round. I was clear second on 3.5 losing my game to Bob and relieved to escape with a draw against Ray. Ray, Neil and Alan finished in a pack on 2/5. Trevor finished as back-marker on 1/5, but had the best opportunity to beat Bob. He missed Bob's generous attempt to donate him a Rook. There were a lot of closely contested games.
Bob had 2 other causes for celebration. He was the top diner of the day, very satisfied with the traditional Sunday roast and steamed pudding. (* The Coronation Club's Traditional Sunday roast dinners at £3.50 a head are highly recommended.) Also on the day after the election of the Labour Party leader, Bob won the Jeremy Corbyn look-alike award. Honourable mentions  for Trevor and Neil. Bob is available for photo-shoots- modest costs and expenses.
                                         Good to see Alan Morrey,
                                         On his annual chess club foray.
Mark Cooke Joins Gambit Club

Mark Cooke who was a first team regular for us in the 1980s and 1990's has moved back to Nottingham from Scotland and will be playing for Gambit 1 this year. Good Luck to Mark this season, apart from in his games against Ashfield. See Club History 2, 20 Years On.

Early Start To New Season

The first game of the season between Ashfield 1 and Ashfield 2 is highly likely to be brought forward a week and now played on Weds 9 September. This is due to an acute player shortage for the first team on the original scheduled date.
Ashfield Chess Club Rapidplay Tournament

The above tournament will take place on Sunday, September 13th 2015 at Coronation Social Club commencing at
11.00 am. The tournament is normally held as a 5 round Swiss.
Entry Fee will be £2.00.
The Coronation Club is now able to provide a Sunday Lunch as long as it is pre-booked. Price of the lunch is unknown at the moment but I will inform members as soon as I have a price. Club members old and new are welcome. Tim, Malc, Where are you?

Opening Fixtures  Ashfield 4 play first  on Tues 15 Sept at Radcliff and Bingham.  The Ashfield 1 v Ashfield 2 Clasico comes the day after. See Club History 2 for the previous encounters in 2011-12 and 2000-01.

Predictions. Timing in life is important, and Ashfield 2 have chosen a bad time to get promoted. Loss of top club players is likely to make this a challenging season for both our teams in Division 1. Ashfield 3, despite dropping a division, will still face 3 club's first teams- Central, Long Eaton and Nomads. There's likely to be a high standard of chess in Division 3.
* In the pursuit of honours this season, Ashfield 4' seem our best bet. *
British Championships. David Woodhouse is competing in 2 events, which started on Monday 27 July. See David's diary record. David finished on 3/5 in the U140 and 2/5 in the tougher veterans U150.

New League Fixtures. Draft fixtures are with captains. Ashfield 1 v Ashfield 2 on Weds 16th September kicks off the season. 

New Grades are out. Congratulations to Derek, now 174 , up 6 points, Geoff , now 169 and Alan 139, both up 7. Potentially if you play Congress chess, the beneficiaries are those like me whose grades have dropped, enabling us to enter lower graded competitions. I've only dropped 2 points, but this will allow me into some Intermediate events, and at a stroke strengthen the County U140 team. You can check your new grade  on the ECF Grading Database.

Summer Jamboree. The club fielded a team of 10 players in this Rapidplay event on Thursday 23 July. 5 teams entered. I think we finished joint runners-up to Gambit. Our Boards 1-3 were not in profit. Boards 4-10 scored well. Jerry was missed. Bar takings were well down on last year. Full report to follow.

County Championship Finals
3 club players competed in finals played on 4 July at Warwick. The Notts Under 100 team triumphed in their final against Kent. The team won 9-7 with Nathan Cragg a late call-up. His win helped to clinch the victory. The Notts Under 140 team narrowly lost to Kent , 7.5-8.5. Stan Cranmer drew and David Woodhouse won. For full details see NCA web-site.
David will return to Warwick to compete in The British Championship over 50 (age) U150 first week event 27-31 July. We'll keep an eye on his progress. West Notts Junior, Jonah Willow, has entered in the Open Section of the British Championship proper.
Drag Sudar's Sheffield Power Surge
Gambit 2's captain won the Major Section at the Sheffield Congress, 26-28 June, with a score of 4.5/5, registering a 201 tournament grading in the process. See Anorak's Corner, " Punching Above Your Weight."

Happy Birthday!. Our current club web-site was set up a year ago. We'd been struggling for some years to revive a club-site. Steve Bak took it in his hands after last year's AGM  to set up this Google site. He's set it up so that editing rights can be assigned to several people. Hopefully you could read material from other contributors  this year. Also too, I hope  we may see a bit more of Steve and Glenn over the board. We'[ll need them! 

Pablo was in fine form at the Leek Rapidplay, on 14th June, finishing runner-up to GM, Keith Arkell. Steve Burke also entered , narrowly missing out on a draw against the GM in Round One.

Cross Table

 Pairings for round:  1  2  3  4  5  6 
1Arkell, Keith C105817E233Ab22+w20+b2+w3=b5+w8=561398233
2Padilla Cabero, Pablo258610B203Aw9+b18+w1-b11+w13+w3=61251209
3Reeve, Andy K117777B205Dw17+b6+w11+b1=w8=b2=61288215
4Edwards, Simon R110144E168Dw27+b5=w12=b10=w6=b13+461187198
5Jackson, Oliver A113457H203Db15+w4=b23+w7=w1-b12+461213202

22Burke, Steven J107684L166Bw1-b16=w25+b12-w23=b11-26905151

Farewell From Pablo
Dear Chess-mates,

Just to let you know that due to a recent change of my professional circumstances, I will be moving back to my residence in West Midlands during this current month.
Therefore all going well I will not be able (for practical reasons) to make myself available for any chess-matches in East Midlands in the foreseeable future, this is to say for Ashfield or Breadsall (or even county matches for Notts.) squads.

This time my stay in the area has been shorter than during my first attempt (back in 2008+...), yet it proved to be equally intense and entertaining. I just feel sorry for not having scored better for the team in the second part of the season just gone, which certainly could have helped Ashfield to finish clear second (runners-up) above Mansfield...though still far enough from the powerful Grantham.

Well done to all the clubs, sides/sections and players and may I wish you all best luck in any next fixtures to come in the future.

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