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Rounds 9-11 2-4 May. Ashfield-Breadsall had a very successful Bank Holiday week-end to end the season in some style. Due to league restructuring, the team needed to win 4 points from the week-end's 3 games to avoid dropping into a lower level of competition next season. The team exceeded the target , playing solidly and consistently with only 4 game losses out of the 18 played. The first game was drawn with Spirit of Atticus B, who included 3 Chesterfield players. Pete Mercs on Board 2 cancelled out Alex Combie's loss, and the remaining boards were drawn. Our team was more vulnerable on the Sunday against Manchester Manticores B*.  Pete's second win again made up for a top board loss. Steve also lost on Board 3 but our journeymen on Boards 5 and 6, Bob and Neil, brought home the bacon with 2 wins. In Round 11 against Oxford 2 Paul Madden held the top board, and our Boards 2-4 did the business- wins for Pete, completing his hat-trick, Andrew Walker and Steve Burke. This capped a successful second 4 NCL season, keeping the names of Ashfield-Breadsall on the national chess scene. For full details see 4 NCL web-site.

 ( * A Manticore is a Persian legendary creature similar to the Egyptian Sphinx, or a poisonous scorpion-like insect in The Game Of Thrones. I wouldn't like to bump into either.)

Round 8.  AB 3- 3  Guildford 4. Our team without our Newark reinforcements faced a side from the chess equivalent of Chelsea.  We were slightly outgraded but scored our second draw of the week-end. Wins for Paul Madden on Board 1 and Neil Graham! Draws for Steve and Derek. Bob couldn't follow up yesterday's heroics. The result could have been even better. Neil reports Andrew was unfortunate to lose the last game. The irony of  this apparent miscarriage of justice against Guildford 4 was spotted by Andrew George, our other Saturday hero. See 4 NCL web-site. Pairings + Results D3 S.

Round 7.  AB 3- 3  Anglian Avengers.  Our team average grade 1993 scored a good draw against opponents, average grade 2082. Wins for Andrew George and Bob Taylor, draws for Alex Combie on top board and Derek Jarvis. Bob's opponent was 183 ECF rated, his best win for many a year. 

Round 6  AB 4 -2  Throw In The Tal      The team  completed back-to-back wins. 3 players played in both games, and each secured the two wins, Derek, Bob and Peter Mercs. The team profited from the disappointing second week-end, and, aided by favourable draws, bounced back with some conviction.  

Round 5  AB 6- 2   Banbury Bulldogs 6-0  Opposition belied their name, more like poodles? The round was marked by Alex Combie's debut. Full result - see 4NCL web-site, Results Div 3 S R5. 

Rounds 3 and 4 took place on  11 and 12 February. The team lost 4.5-1.5 on Saturday to a strong Warwickshire Select  Team. Paul Madden, Andrew Walker and Derek Jarvis drew on Boards 1, 2 and 6. On Sunday the team drew with The Full Ponty, with wins from Andrew Toothill and Neil Graham and draws for Peter Mercs and Derek Jarvis. Steve Burke and Bob Taylor had a weekend they may  want to forget. Steve is in a bit of a barren run. Bob's loss to a King's Gambit at least helped him to win against a King's Gambit in his next League match. The team plays in Div. 3 South. Games are on http://www.4ncl.co.uk/  Pairings and results Rounds 3 and 4 should soon follow.   

Rounds 1 and 2 took place on 15 and 16 November. I  took part in the Saturday stroll against a team of Middlesex Juniors. The margin of victory and the Swiss pairing system  ensured  Sunday's team  an uphill slog against the strongest team  of the week-end. Steve, who missed out in Round 1, scored our only half point in Round 2. Derek narrowly missed a draw.

This was a tale of a feast, or at least a satisfying meal, and famine-  There is a wide range of team playing strength in Division 3. The figure after the team name gives the team's grade average, which can be a predictor of performance. As an average c. 1950 team we should have beaten an albeit progressive junior team, of 1750 average, as we did. We should also have lost to the 2120 team which we did, but by a disappointing margin. There will be closer battles to come as the League takes shape. This 4 NCL is easy - if you can play in the right games.

Round 1 . Check Us Out 1747 Ashfield-Breadsall 1945 381 w Gallagher, Daniel GH 1990 e 0 - 1 Mercs, Peter 2087 382 b Golding, James 1870 e 0 - 1 Walker, Andrew 2089 383 w Ramaiya, Anshu 1855 e 1 - 0 Burke, Steve 1974 384 b Purvis, Anna 1652 e 0 - 1 Jarvis, Derek 1899 385 w Covey, Jason 1577 e 0 - 1 Morgan, Philip D * 1772 c 386 b Davidson, Laura J 1540 e ½ - ½ Graham, Neil 1851 1½ - 4½

Rond2 Ashfield-Breadsall 1967 e2e4.org.uk 2 2126 341 w Mercs, Peter 2087 0 - 1 Ross, Chris N c 2189 342 b Toothill, Andrew 2057 c 0 - 1 Barnes, Michael H f 2204 343 w Burke, Steve 1974 ½ - ½ Lentzos, Ioannis 2140 e 344 b Jarvis, Derek 1899 0 - 1 Taylor, Adam A 2103 345 w Toothill, Neil M * 1937 c 0 - 1 Peat, Matthew 2024 346 b Graham, Neil 1851 0 - 1 Mansson, James C 2101 ½ - 5½ Top

Ashfield- Breadsall competed in the 4NCL Team Rapidplay for the first time today. The team of 4 players had an average grade of 186. They were thrown in the deep end in Round 1, drawn against Sons of Anarchy, Grantham 1, whose fearsome name was matched by their average grade of 234!
P. Madden 203 - Ameet Ghasi 256  0-1,   J Molyneux 184 - Thomas Rendle 242  0-1,  P Mercs 188 - P Robertson 226  0-1,  S Burke 169 - H Grund 214  Result 1-3. A good scalp for Steve, though chess can be a great leveller. In Round 3 he came down to earth with a loss to a 137 graded opponent. The team played 7 games. Probably the best team performance came in Round 5 with a draw against Oxford 1 (average grade 197). For full results see http://www.4ncl.co.uk/ 
Pablo also played and had a successful day for his team, Brown Jack Witney.