Club Championship 2016

posted May 24, 2016, 12:45 PM by Phil Morgan

We web-site editors cleaned up in the Club Championship, a five round Swiss, standard -time competition played over the course of the season. I was fourth seed of 10, so not the biggest shock. Top seed, Steve Burke was unbeaten but conceded 4 draws. Other results fell in my favour. Steve Bak lost to Neil in Round 3, who lost to Bob in Round 4. The last round was a shoot-out between Bob and myself. My name must have been on the trophy. As in Round 1, I was in a losing position which Bob contrived to mess up.

I'm not a prolific winner. My last win was the Notts County Championship U 125 in 2008. At the time I thought I'd tied with Nick London, only recently finding out via the NCA website that I am declared as the winner.

 I hope my win will give encouragement to other late developers. I've actually been trying to win our Club Championship in its different guises for over 30 years. The winning habit is catching. Since then I've played in the Breadsall team that won the end-of-season DCA Jamboree.

Steve Bak, runner-up won the U130 prize.

The competition will run in the same format next season if we have at least 10 entries.

Ashfield Club Comp 2015-16
 Cross Table at round 5 sorted by score

Pos NAME                 Grd   T  Fed  Pts |   1     2     3     4     5    |  
  1 Morgan Phil           139     ENG  4.0 | +W7   =B3   =W4   +B6   +B5    |   
  2 Bak Steve             124     ENG  3.5 | =W4   +B9   -W3   +B7   +W10   |   
  3 Graham Neil           146     ENG  3.0 | +B8   =W1   +B2   -W5   =W4    |  
  4 Burke Steven          162     ENG  3.0 | =B2   =W5   =B1   +W9   =B3    |  
  5 Taylor Bob            147     ENG  3.0 | =W6   =B4   +W9   +B3   -W1    |   
  6 Lewis Trevor          123     ENG  2.5 | =B5   =W8   +B10  -W1   =B7    |    
  7 Clarke Peter          116     ENG  2.0 | -B1   =W10  +B8   -W2   =W6    |  
  8 Sayer Ray             119     ENG  2.0 | -W3   =B6   -W7   =B10  +B9    |    
  9 Woodhouse David       131     ENG  1.0 | +B10  -W2   -B5   -B4   -W8    |   
 10 Dyce Richard           90     ENG  1.0 | -W9   =B7   -W6   =W8   -B2    |