Ashfield Chess Club

Clifford Potter Club Championship 2015-16

5 Round Swiss Competition. 2 prizes: Overall Champion and best player c. U130-135, depending on the playing strength of the entrants (using August 2015 ECF grades). (The exact grade for the 2nd prize will be published once entries are finalised.)

Rate of Play: 35 moves in 1hr 15mins., then back 15 mins. and play to a finish.

Matches may be played at the Club’s HQ or at any other mutually agreed venue.

The start and end dates of each round will be given to each competitor (c. 5-6 weeks apart.) The player with the white pieces (who is the first named in each pairing) must contact their opponent within 3 days of the draw having been published, in order to arrange a mutually suitable date and venue for their match. If no contact has been made by white after 3 days, the player playing black must then make contact.

Both players must notify the controller of the result asap after its completion. (Contact details are below; any method - phone, text or email - is acceptable.)

In the event of the match not being played, or the controller not being informed of the result by the end date of the round, then neither player will be awarded any points, unless a claim is made to the controller before the end date of a round for a win on account of his opponent being unable to fulfil his obligation to play before the end date of the round.

All entrants to the competition agree to be bound by these rules. The controller’s decision is final.

Closing date for entries is Saturday 19th September 2015.

Controller: David Woodhouse