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Chess Talk

posted May 29, 2016, 9:57 AM by Phil Morgan
A select few members on the club night of 25.5.16 heard a presentation from John Molyneux around improvement in chess. It was only John's second visit to the club this season, so he was made to sing for his supper. John gave a wide-ranging talk about various aspects of chess from the chess brain, to how chess is portrayed in books, which is very  different to the reality of evening League play. He looked at the different phases of the game and how and when games are won or lost, informed by his games record. We also got the chance to look at some of his game positions and continuations.

John offered advice around developing self-knowledge, time-management, the importance of the initiative, and not being frightened by reputations. He showed us his failure to beat Keith Arkell in 1999 , despite having seen the winning plan. John touched on his background in engineering sciences, acknowledging the influence of this on  his chess play. John recommended and gave handouts on an opening against 1 e4. Will any of us switch to this next year? 

I found it a very interesting evening. In a chess club we can play with team-mates for years, knowing little of their lives/accomplishments outside of chess. In our small club we have a former ECF Director of Congress Chess, a talented song-writer/record producer and a top nuclear engineer. We've had music and guitar teachers. Our Secretary is pretty handy on the golf-course. Anybody else hiding other lights under their bushel?