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Into The Play-Offs

posted Feb 14, 2016, 4:26 AM by Phil Morgan
Grantham 1 are chasing their seventh successive League title.Their last 5 wins were by clear margins. This season Gambit 1, who narrowly averted relegation last season, are offering a strong challenge. The title race could remain open until the 2 teams face each other in their final game of the season.

Gambit 2 are poised in a similar position to last season, well placed for promotion, with one challenge to beat off. Last year a turn-around on one board, Geoff Gibson's v. Grantham, denied them promotion. Ashfield 2 went up , fully expecting to drop down again this year. That may still happen but the withdrawal of University has left us with a mini-League of 3 teams, Grantham 2, Ashfield 2 and West Notts 1 contesting  the second relegation spot.
An exciting race may also be on the cards in Division 3  between Long Eaton, Nottingham Central and Newark 2. Newark 's games against the other 2 teams will be critical.

We don't have a play-off structure to our League, but  League positions give certain key games a Play-Off character.