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West Notts 1 Wake Up

posted Jan 22, 2016, 2:19 AM by Phil Morgan
Ashfield 2 started the season as hot favourites for relegation from Division 1. Club second teams don't usually have the resources to be competitive at the top level. The withdrawal of University 1 from the division and West Notts' zero points haul from their first 7 games appeared to present ourselves and Grantham 2, both teams now on four points, with good prospects of staying up.

West Notts 1 won at Mansfield on Monday with Jonah Willow defeating Jon Tait ! 

This shock result re-ignites  the relegation battle. It adds spice particularly to the contests to come between the West Notts., Grantham 2 and Ashfield 2 teams.
The outcome of the battle may now stay open until the final game of the season on 18/4/16 when West Notts. host Grantham 2.