Nttm Centrai 1 v Ash 3

posted Nov 18, 2015, 10:44 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Nov 19, 2015, 11:24 AM by Steve Bak ]
17/11/15 Nottingham Central vs Ashfield 3

Thanks to Steve Foster, Central captain for this report.

-There was a first team match on at the King Billy and so far this season we had only won one match and were in the bottom three in the league positions. Pretty poor as we are considered to be one of the strongest teams in division 3 but recently we had had a few bad nights at the office. Would it all change?
Ashfield turned up with their true set up for their third team. They have been known to play higher graded players when available but I guess at this time of the year the players are now tied to teams. Alan was back to his winning ways and won his opponent's queen and the game. John on board 2 played the King's Indian Samisch but instead of the wild ensuring wing attacks by both sides the position got blocked and a sensible draw agreed. I played Stan Cranmer one of the oldest and wisest players in the Notts league. He came out blazing his kingside at me: h3, g4, Rg1, h4. The problem was his king was still at home in the middle of the board and his other minor pieces were not joining in the fun. I put my pieces on good squares and blasted open the centre going for his king and undeveloped position. He did eventually get his king into safety on the queenside but at the cost of two pawns. He won one back with a cheap trick that I missed but that allowed me to swap lots of pieces off and get into a won ending win an unstoppable e-pawn heading to be promoted. I won. Graham was back to his old habit of playing the London System and says he analysed the team position scores and took a draw. If he says so then we will believe him. Andy was continuing his bad run and lost quite easily in the end. He puts it down to he prefers to play in the summer and not winter. The team won so a good night for us. Result 3-2
(Phil- Div 3 is getting stronger. At least 12 proven Div. 1 players play regularly in D3. Draws for Trevor and David v John Harrison, 173 ECF. Welcome win for Nigel. O.K. It's a fair cop- we have sent out "beefed up" teams against you before.)