Ash 1 vs Ash 2

posted Sep 29, 2015, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak
16/9/15 Ashfield 1 v Ashfield 2. 

    An unusual game with the first team defaulting a board due to late illness and the second team declining to seek advantage from this. This reduced it to a match played over 4 boards, with 4 decisive results and a drawn match. 

    Wins for the first team on the 2 boards on which they had a large grading edge . Neil defeated Steve Bak. Steve gambitted a piece in the opening. Neil's sense of self-preservation steered him clear of the traps set. Derek Jarvis scored a decisive win over Bob.
    Ashfield 2 hit back on the more closely contested boards. I scored a win over club debutant, John Shaw. We each played 26 good moves from which I achieved positional pressure and a healthy edge on time. I made the first error which John missed and ,perhaps mesmerised by the surroundings and the bingo, he responded with a move which lost on the spot, essentially a 1-move game. The man of the match was Jerry who strategically outplayed Steve Burke, which not many people do, before finishing with a simple tactical coup. 
    Result 2-2. Alarm bells for the first team. Ashfield 2 - Off the mark at the first attempt. Bring On Grantham 1.