Ash 1 v West Notts 1

posted Feb 11, 2016, 11:49 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 20, 2016, 11:38 AM by Steve Bak ]
10/2/16 Ashfield 1 v West Notts 1

The visitors, despite being a player short, put up stiff resistance. John Cawley scored an excellent draw v.Andy. David Levens, surprising Steve with 1 d4, had the initiative for most of his game. Steve parried his threats and a draw was agreed. The match was won by a commanding victory by Neil against A Munshi. I have been critical of Neil's opening gambit lines in the past, but this one worked a treat. For his  pawn, Neil achieved an enduring initiative, with 2 of his opponent's pieces confined to barracks. He trained his pieces at his opponent's King, forcing weakening pawn moves. With his heavy pieces all pointing at g6, a decisive sacrifice looked likely, but was not needed. The simple pawn push, h4, a signature move of Neil's White attacking systems, unlocked  Black's defence and a very quick kill ensued. Neil's young opponent will I'm sure learn from heavy defeats like this. The game also exposed areas for learning in respect of chess etiquette.

Derek also won at the last gasp a tough battle against Alex Webster. The final score seemed harsh on the visitors.
Ashield 4 - West Notts 1.       West Notts remain adrift by two points at the foot of the table, but should stll have it in their grasp to avoid relegation by beating  relegation rivals , Ashfield 2 and Grantham 2 in their final 2 home games of the season in April .