Ash 2 v Grantham 2

posted Mar 3, 2016, 4:04 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 20, 2016, 11:38 AM by Steve Bak ]
2/3/16 Ash 2  v Grantham 2

Our win in the corresponding fixture last year clinched promotion to Division 1. A repeat victory tonight looks like we may have done enough to retain our place. Due to a mix-up, Grantham defaulted a board and, strengthened by the inclusion of Glenn on top board, we took full advantage. With a point in hand from the default, after Glenn, first to finish, neutralised and drew on Board 1, the win always seemed within our compass. Jerry beat Chris Holt who fell in severe time trouble. Bob and myself then scored comfortable draws.

Result  Ashfield  3.5  - 1.5  Grantham . Our second win of the season leap-frogs us over Grantham 2 into fifth place on 6 points from 10 games. If we avoid relegation, this will be the first time under the present League structure  that the club has been able to maintain 2 teams in Division 1.