Ash 2 v West Notts 1

posted Dec 10, 2015, 2:26 PM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Dec 12, 2015, 10:36 AM by Steve Bak ]
9/12/15 Ashfield 2 v West Notts 1

With University 1 having withdrawn, only 1 other team will be relegated this year and this was the first relegation dog-fight between WN1, pointless after 5 games and ourselves, proud bearers of one point. With two players absent, Glenn and John Molyneux came to our aid and made welcome seasonal club debuts. Despite some rustiness, they ensured we shared the points on the top boards. Jonah Willow predictably won on Board 5 despite Alan's stout resistance.

All down to the boys in the engine-room. Jerry played a strong attacking game to level matters.It came down to my game with Adyita Munshi. I'd mishandled the opening and had to find good moves to stay on the board. He slipped and lost a pawn, entering the endgame. I played well to set up a  clear road to victory, but opted instead to dart down a less well-lit back alley, causing my team mates unnecessary anxiety. I just about clung on to the win.
Result 3-2 
At the start of the season our target was to beat the 3 points we attained last time we were in Division 1. That was from 14 games. We've  matched that from 6 games.