Ash 3 v Central 1

posted Mar 10, 2016, 11:44 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 20, 2016, 11:39 AM by Steve Bak ]
9.3.16  Ashfield 3  vs  Central 1

1.  Steve Bak                1 - 0              Alan Griffiths
2.  David Woodhouse     draw              John Harrison
3.  Stan Cranmer           0 - 1              Mark Radford
4.  Nigel Wright             1 - 0              Stephen Foster
5.  Pete Clarke               0 - 1             Graham Gibson

Match drawn.

 Thanks to Steve Foster, Central captain for the report below.

"Not a good night. We were lucky to get a draw. Forget the games of Alan, John and Steve. The players do not want to discuss them.

Graham reverted to his solid style and won a pawn, swapped all the pieces off except for a bishop each and converted the extra pawn into a win. Mark had a strange game winning the exchange but was two pawns down for it. It looked as though Mark could not force anything and he was well down on the clock. But with some magic and the old trick of pointing all of the pieces at the king and hoping he created some chances, won a piece and with literally seconds left on his clock found a mate."

Steve concedes Ashfield should have won . The games they want to forget saw good scalps for Steve and Nigel and a draw for David, all against higher graded opponents. Central may have now blown their promotion prospects in their last 2 games.