Gambit 4 v Ash 3

posted Mar 23, 2016, 11:35 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 11, 2016, 3:25 PM by Steve Bak ]

22.3.16 Gambit 4 v Ashfield 3

Report by Drag Sudar

Gambit 4, handed a life line by Uni 2 players deciding they would rather play in a simul v IM Malcolm Pein than play their league match at LE, needed to beat Ash 3. It began well with Maggie Gretton’s customary draw, v Nigel Wright, followed quickly by Mick Harper’s win over Trevor Lewis, but Peter Gorecka-Marshall was unable to convert an advantage against the shrewd old campaigner Stan Cranmer and a draw was agreed.

The next event divided opinion in the club. Sportsmanship v winning to gain promotion? You decide:

Andrew Thompson had 8 minutes left but was R+2 v R+3 (all pawns on the same side of the board) v Dave Woodhouse, who had just 8 seconds left. Andrew offered a draw which Dave accepted. Had Andrew not offered a draw, he may well have won on time as Dave was unaware of the ‘2 minute rule’ (appendix G6 in the laws of chess), so didn’t think to claim the draw. Andrew’s sportsmanship and sense of fair play has to be applauded, but should he have played for the win and secured safety for his team? No doubt this will be the main feature on tomorrow’s Radio 4 programme, ‘The Moral Maze’.

That left board 1. Brian Hayward, needed a draw but Steve Bak (whose grade is far lower than his real ability) patiently eked out a win to draw the match and Uni 2 were saved from relegation.     Result  Gambit 2.5 -Ashfield 2.5