Final Rounds

posted May 1, 2017, 8:50 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated May 1, 2017, 11:09 AM ]

Rounds 9-11 were played over the May Day Bank Holiday week-end. This was a successful week-end for each of our teams.

AB 1  

In Round 9 AB1 went down by the narrowest margin to Manx Liberty, a team including a G.M. and 2 I.M.s. Despite losses to the titled players, Derek Jarvis drew on Board 4 and there were wins for Alex Combie and David Levens.

In Round 10 AB1 comfortably defeated Holmes Chappell 4.5- 1.5 with wins for Paul Madden, Derek Jarvis, Somton Ukken and Steve Burke.

In Round 11 AB1 also comfortably beat Jorvik 4.5- 1.5 with wins for Bao Dong on his debut, Jonah Willow, John Garnett and Steve Burke and a draw for Richard Truman. This was probably the team's best win of the season. I love the idea of the alliance of Ashfield , Breadsall and friends defeating a medieval kingdom. If this in our power, what need have we to fear the foes of today?


Round 9 saw a win over '3 Cs 3', aided by 2 defaults. Maurice Hill was the sole OTB winner with a draw for Neil Graham.

In Round 10 AB2 defeated Manchester Manticores 4 by 3.5- 2.5. David Levens and Anita Somton won and there were draws  for Dave Flynn, Maurice Hill and Neil Graham.

By virtue of these 2 wins the team faced the powerful Manx Liberty team in Round 11. They were defeated  5.5- 0.5, with Neil Graham claiming his third draw of the week-end.

After the stuttering shows at Bolton, our teams finished the season in good heart.

Week-end 4 18/19 March

posted Mar 20, 2017, 5:00 AM by Phil Morgan

The return to Wakefield seems to have sparked improved performances and results. Both our teams won in the Saturday Round 7 matches. AB1 beat Enniscorthy 3.5- 2.5 with wins for Andy Walker and Richard Truman. AB 2 scored a very good 4-2 win over higher graded Manchester Manticores 3. This was a very solid team performance with 4 draws and wins by Mike Naylor and Bob Taylor.

Helped by a soft draw, AB1 completed a week-end double with a 4-2 Sunday win against Bradford DCA Knights 3. This included wins for Jonah Willow, Glenn Halfpenny and Derek Jarvis.
 AB2 were edged out 3.5- 2.5 by Holmes Chapel in their Sunday tie, despite wins by Mike Naylor, completing a personal week-end double, and Neil Graham.

Week-end 3 11-12 Feb

posted Mar 19, 2017, 4:14 PM by Phil Morgan

Our teams struggled to find inspiration again at Bolton.

On the Saturday AB! were held by Manshester Manticores 3 despite our slight grading edge, despite wins by Andy Walker and Somton Ukken. AB 2 narrowly lost out to Jorvik 3.5 - 2.5, despite wins for Anita Somtom and Neil Graham.

On the Sunday AB1 drew again with Manchester Manticores 4 in a game of 6 draws. This was a particularly depressing result for our team with an average grade of 1997 against a side  with an average grade of 1781. AB2 also  drew with Bradford DCA Knights C, despite a win for Mike Naylor. Again this was a disappointing result for a our team, average grade 1884 against opponents with an average grade of 1776.

Hopefully a return to Wakefield for the last 2 rounds will see an up-turn in our teams' performance.

Second Week-end 14-15 Jan

posted Jan 15, 2017, 2:52 PM by Phil Morgan

Mixed Fortunes for our 2 teams.

AB1 did not find Bolton in mid- January a happy, hunting ground. They had a very tough draw on Saturday and lost 5-1 to a strong, Manchester Manticores 1 team. John Garnett and David Levems secured consolation draws.
The AB2 had a much better result winning 4-2 against a higher -graded Manchester Manticores 2, with draws for Alex Combie and Maurice Hill and excellent wins for Mike Naylor, Dave Flynn and Bob Taylor.

 Saturday was honours even, between the 2 clubs, but paired against each other again the next day, the Manchester ouffit asserted. Their first team beat AB2 5-1, with consolation draws for Mike Naylor and Bob Taylor. The MM2 team, losers to AB2 on the Saturday, hit back to defeat AB1 4-2. The bright spots were draws by Andy Walker and Richard Truman and a win for Derek Jarvis.

After 4 rounds AB1 have 2 match points and sit well down the table. AB2 , our lower graded team head them in the table with 3 points!

26-27 November First Week-end

posted Nov 27, 2016, 9:42 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Nov 27, 2016, 9:44 AM ]

Ashfield- Breadall is fielding 2 sides in Division 3 North this season. 

There is a wide disparity between the strength of teams in the division. Ashfield- Breadsall 1 sampled the full range of this in their 2 games of the opening week-end. On Saturday, our squad average strength 2021 defeated 3 Cs 3, average strength 1623, by the score of 5-1. On the Sunday AB1 played Gonzago, a Leinster club side, probably the strongest team in the division, average strength 2185, and lost 4.5 - 1.5. Glenn Halfpenny on Board 1 earned a notable draw against 17 y.o. FIDE master, Conor O'Donnell, and Jonah Willow and Richard Truman also scored good draws.

Ashfield- Breadsall 2 played two equally matched teams. They drew 3-3 on the Saturday with Spirit of Atticus B. David Levens and Bob Taylor scored wins. The team suffered a reverse on the Sunday losing 4.5 - 1.5 to Bradford DCA Knights B.

For full results go to Links and click on the 4NCL link. 

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