Final Standings

posted May 4, 2017, 3:35 PM by Phil Morgan
1st Phil Morgan        4.0   Retains Club Championship
2    Steve Burke        3.5
3=  Pete Clarke         3.0  Joint Winner of U130 Section
      Malcolm Jackson 3.0  Joint Winner of U130 Section
      Neil Graham        3.0  
6    Nigel Wright         2.5
7    Steve Bak            2.0
8=  Trevor Lewis         1.5
      Richard Dyce       1.5
10   Ray Sayer           1.0 

Thanks to everybody who competed this year., and allowed my second win in 30 + years. I used to simply lose in bad  positions. Happily  I seem to have developed of late a knack of staying alive. This year I had unfavourable positions against Ray ( a time edge helped me salvage a draw), Pete for the second year running ( although my position was never as dire as last year) and Steve in the last round. Games are often decided by very fine margins.