Club AGM

posted May 12, 2017, 2:42 PM by Phil Morgan

Our annual AGM will be at our club on Weds 21 June.

Before then there will be 2 club event nights. 

On Weds 24th May, we'll play some Consultation games.

On Weds 7th June, we'll look at games of interest played by members from this season. If you've played a game of particular interest this season, please bring this with you and we'll analyse together. This can be really instructive, as when memorably several years ago at the Summit , Glenn showed us his win v Paul Cumbers.

Chess Club Library

posted Apr 23, 2017, 9:01 AM by Phil Morgan

Chess Club Library Resource

Chess Club Library Service


This initiative was kicked off by Trevor who loaned me “ The Rookie”, Stephen Moss, 2016. See Articles > Book Review. Trevor  is happy to loan on to other club members. My chess books are more ancient, but are available for loan or purchase, at the bargain price of £5 each or 3 for £12.


Titles Include-


Chess In The Fast Lane.   Bill and Michael Adams  1995


Vishy Anand  Chess Super -Talent   D Norwood   1995


Xie Jun Chess Champion from China  Xie Jun  1998


Short v Kasparov The Hijack of the 1993 World Chess Championship  W Hartston 1993


Battles Royal Of The Chessboard  R N Coles  1948


Tactical Chess endings   J Nunn   1981


How Good Is Your Chess?  D King  1993


101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures  J Nunn  1999


Learn From Your Chess Mistakes  C Baker  2002


Checkmate  180 Ways To Beat A Grandmaster  Nordup & Peterson  1996


The Modern French Tarrasch   Gufeld   1996


The Sicilian Sozin   Golubev   2001


Tactics In The Grunfeld   G Nesis  1992


Chess College:  Pawn Play  E Grivas  2006


Queen’s Indian Defence Kasparov System   Gurevich  1991 


Let me know if you’re interested in borrowing or buying any of the above.*


Nottingham Congress

posted Apr 16, 2017, 2:43 PM by Phil Morgan

Nottm Congress 1-2 /04/17

6 club members competed. Nghai Dong finished 2nd equal in the Open on 4/5 and won £120. If he'd accepted his last round opponent's pre-game draw offer, he would have been the sole winner of the title and £650.

3 of us entered the Major. Neil Graham and Bob Taylor finished ninth equal on 3/5. I lagged behind them on 2.5 in 21= in a strong field of.45.

2 players entered the Intermediate. Nigel Wright fared best scoring 2.5/5 Ray Sayer scored 2/5. 

Keith Brameld

posted Jan 27, 2017, 5:29 AM by Phil Morgan

We're saddened to hear of the death following a long illness of another former Nottingham Central player. Keith was a regular player for the Oxclose club. In his last season of League play, 2009-10 he made 5 appearances for Nottingham Central in Division 1 , with just 1 loss to Claudio Mangione. The previous season he made 4 appearances for Navigation 1 with 3 wins and 1 draw, contributing to the team's promotion to Division 1. 
 A tribute to Keith is posted by a former clubmate, Drag, on  on the Gambit Website, Monthly Archives, January 2017.
 Keith will be remembered for his personality as well as his play. I met him twice when he was doing recruitment work for a well -known motoring organisation. He was much more interested in talking about chess than trying to sell me the benefits of motoring club membership.

Stephen Foster

posted Dec 25, 2016, 4:47 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Dec 29, 2016, 3:16 PM ]

Nottingham Central Chess Club have announced the recent death of Stephen Foster, long time member and first team captain. He died peacefully in his sleep at home on Sunday, 11th December after a long period of declining health.
The Ashfield Club would like to express our tribute. Steve was well-liked and respected as an opponent and a team-mate in County play Steve was the captain of County Correspondence teams in 2012-13 and 2013-14.He was shocked to discover that the ECCF permitted the use of computers in correspondence chess, and was totally opposed to this. Although he allowed team members to decide for themselves, he sought to enter into a gentleman's agreement with his opponent to not not use computer assistance.
Ashfield 2 and Central 1 were last in League opposition in Division 2 in 2014-15. Although A2 were promoted and Central relegated, Steve was very successful against us, including in the last game of the season a very rapid win against our top player. We all admired this very one-sided demolition job, which ended with a King chase. Steve recently owned that deep in the game the Fritz evaluation was 0.00.
Steve was very complimentary about the match reports on our site, which appeared from 2014-15, and very proud to point out the next season that there were also regular match reports on his club web-site. Steve wrote some of these. He spoke his mind, as you would expect. In a report of Central 1 v A3 of 17.11.15 he observed, " Ashfield have been known to play higher graded players when available." He had a good memory. I'm sure here he would have been thinking of the A2 v Central 1 opening match of September 2012 when A2's top boards were Steve Burke and Glen Halfpenny.
Despite health problems Steve had a successful 2015-16 playing season. In the League he won 6, drew 5 and lost 2 , helping his team to promotion.He also scored 3/5 in the U155 County Championship, winning a share of the Senior Prize. 
Steve's last League game was against, Jonah Willow , County Champion. He lost but bowed out at the top level. He will be missed across Nottinghamshire chess, and acutely so by the Central Club.
N.B. A much more informed tribute about Steve's life can be read on the Gambit club website. *

Club Honours

posted Oct 16, 2016, 11:22 AM by Phil Morgan

A new Club Honours Section has been added to our website. This lists winners of the Club Championship since 1975. 18 different players have won outright or shared the title of Club Champion. Steve Burke and Glenn Halfpenny have each won 11 Club Championships.

Our site also lists the Club Player of the Year since 1983. While the Club Championship is usually won by stronger, top team players, the Player Of The Year Award is awarded to the player with the best playing record in a season, irrespective of whether he/she plays in Division 1 or Division 5. This list shows a further 17 players who have played for our club with distinction.  

Result Change

posted Sep 24, 2016, 11:14 AM by Phil Morgan

Ashfield 4 v Central 3

I reported this as a 1.5 - 2.5 defeat for our club team. It appears the result has been reversed. Central fielded an ungraded player without first seeking a temporary grade from the Grading Results Officer. According to the League's new rule C7 this makes the player ineligible and has resulted in the transfer of 1 game point from Central to Ashfield, making Ashfield 4 the winners.
Amended result     A4 v  Central 3    2.5 - 1.5

Opinion - Central should be commended for offering ungraded players the opportunity to play League chess, not punished for a procedural irregularity. What encouragement does this give players in their first experience of League play ? Bureaucracy prevails over Chess.

Club Rapidplay Event

posted Sep 22, 2016, 3:45 PM by Steve Bak   [ updated Oct 2, 2016, 4:34 PM ]

3 Way Tie In Club Rapidplay

The annual Club Rapid event was held on Sunday 18th September. Last year there were just 6 entrants. This year Bob Taylor defended his title in a larger and stronger field. Ten players entered and the competition was fierce. Players with little recent chess were particularly impressive. Alan Morrey, playing his first chess since the corresponding event last year, was solid throughout the 5 rounds. Malcolm Jackson began with a first round draw with Glenn Halfpenny and a win against Neil Graham.

Bob was in no mood to give up his title and ,after beating Phil Morgan in Round 4, moved a point clear of the field. Bob faced Glenn in the last round needing just a draw for outright victory. In a tense finish with little time on his clock, Glenn forced a win to earn a tie with Bob on 3 points. Steve Burke joined them on this score with a last round win over Nigel Wright. Malcolm and Phil finished half a point in arrears.

The use of a five second increment definitely added to the interest and tension on the day. Seven of the players enjoyed a traditional Sunday lunch. Is this the reason for this competition’s reviving popularity?

Thenks to Neil Graham for controlling the event 

1 Bob Taylor =6 +2 +4 +5 -3 3.5
2 Steve Burke +10 -1 +8 =3 +6 3.5
3 Glenn Halfpenny +9 =4 =5 =2 +1 3.5
4 Malc Jackson +7 =3 -1 =9 +10 3
5 Phil Morgan =8 +6 =3 -1 +9 3
6 Nigel Wright =1 -5 +7 +8 -2 2.5
7 Neil Graham -4 +9 -6 =10 +8 2.5
8 Alan Morrey =5 +10 -2 -6 -7 1.5
9 Ray Sayer -3 -6 +10 =4 -5 1.5
10 Andy Flint -2 -8 -9 =6 -8 0.5

Michael Adams Simul report

posted Sep 18, 2016, 3:46 PM by Steve Bak   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 10:08 AM ]

From the Derbyshire Chess website :-

Saturday 17th, 25 chess enthusiasts had the pleasure of playing GM Mickey Adams in a simultaneous exhibition held at the perfect venue of Ludorati Game Cafe in Nottingham. The five times and reigning British Champion has, during his paying career, beaten the likes of Anatoly Karpov, Vishy Anand, Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen and has been ranked as high as World #4. Despite a strong field, Mickey won 22, drew 2 and lost only 1 game to David Levens. 

And from our own Phil Morgan, who participated :-

I'm a great fan of Michael Adams, so it was pretty special to play against him, and also to chat to him before the event began. I couldn't resist asking him about his game with Boris Gelfland in the London Classic in 2013 when Boris turned the tables on him by Queen-side castling deep in the game. Michael admitted this move was totally unexpected by him at the time.I thanked him for a game he played in the British Championship at Canterbury, the opening system of which I've copied with some success. He spoke about the last round of the recent Baku Olympiad. He'd returned from Baku during the week, used to live in London, but his base now is Taunton. The downside of this is the extra travel to events. I asked him if he wrote or planned to write any books. Although he writes a regular newspaper column, he prefers to concentrate on playing rather than writing a book.

Michael was at the event early. He was approachable and courteous, and responded to the requests of press, organisers, players and supporters at the event on the day. We're very lucky to have him at the top in British chess. Long may he continue.

Our Game.    I think I survived the opening intact. He appeared to play quietly in a closed Sicilian with g3, Bg2 and h3. But aleady after White's 13th move, I was down to a 1 Good Move response.

One Slip I didn't find the Good Move. I played a dodgy one, which he jumped on. After that the execution was swift in line with that of most of the players around me. The event finished earlier than anticipated.

Without the benefit of the red arrow, I missed the threat of g4 in the position. I played  13..  Ne5?? with vague attacking ideas, and to offer extra protection to f7. After  14 Bg5   Qe7   15 g4  my game is effectively lost, 
The necessary move in the position was  13  Be5!  to give my Knight on the rim a retreat square.

 Congratulations to David Levens on beating Mickey, and to Ray Evans and Chris Budd on their draws.  

Michael Adams Simul

posted Sep 5, 2016, 2:46 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Sep 22, 2016, 3:31 PM by Steve Bak ]

British Chess Champion, Mickey Adams, is Coming to Nottingham! This is Your Chance to Meet, and Even to Play, One of History’s Greatest On Saturday, September 17th, at 1pm, come join 24 other Nottingham chess fans, including local prodigy 13yo Jonah Willow, simultaneously take on Mickey Adams, the greatest British chess player of all time. This is your chance to play one of the greats in a simultaneous chess exhibition! The famous and popular chess Grandmaster, Mickey Adams, is coming to Ludorati to take on all comers – all at once! Mickey has been England’s top player since 1999 and was once ranked #4 in the world. Just last month, Mickey again won the (2016) British Championship, for the fifth time! A Grandmaster since the age of 17, Mickey has throughout his exciting career beaten four world champions: Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, and Anatoly Karpov. His tricky maneuvering style has inspired Kasparov to nickname Mickey “The Spiderman.” Don’t worry too much about winning or losing, just come to have fun. This is your chance to be able to say that you have played the best, and to have your photo taken with Mickey Adams. Even if you are just curious, come spend the afternoon and watch as chess history is made in Nottingham. Ludorati’s great food, coffee, milkshakes, and artisan wines & beers are also available! PLACE: Ludorati Board Game Café, 72 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham

I've entered to play in this. I'm working on the principle that Micky will be exhausted by playing
 in the Olympiad, and travelling from Baku. Any other takers?

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