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Chess Club Library

posted Apr 23, 2017, 9:01 AM by Phil Morgan
Chess Club Library Resource

Chess Club Library Service


This initiative was kicked off by Trevor who loaned me “ The Rookie”, Stephen Moss, 2016. See Articles > Book Review. Trevor  is happy to loan on to other club members. My chess books are more ancient, but are available for loan or purchase, at the bargain price of £5 each or 3 for £12.


Titles Include-


Chess In The Fast Lane.   Bill and Michael Adams  1995


Vishy Anand  Chess Super -Talent   D Norwood   1995


Xie Jun Chess Champion from China  Xie Jun  1998


Short v Kasparov The Hijack of the 1993 World Chess Championship  W Hartston 1993


Battles Royal Of The Chessboard  R N Coles  1948


Tactical Chess endings   J Nunn   1981


How Good Is Your Chess?  D King  1993


101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures  J Nunn  1999


Learn From Your Chess Mistakes  C Baker  2002


Checkmate  180 Ways To Beat A Grandmaster  Nordup & Peterson  1996


The Modern French Tarrasch   Gufeld   1996


The Sicilian Sozin   Golubev   2001


Tactics In The Grunfeld   G Nesis  1992


Chess College:  Pawn Play  E Grivas  2006


Queen’s Indian Defence Kasparov System   Gurevich  1991 


Let me know if you’re interested in borrowing or buying any of the above.*