Ash 2 v Gambit 1

posted Oct 13, 2016, 8:52 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 13, 2016, 10:37 AM by Steve Bak ]
Ashfield 2 v Gambit 1 12/10/16

We fielded a strong team with Glenn and Steve Burke, and competed very well against one of the top title contenders. Steve and Jerry * scored early draws against Ray Evans and John Swain. Glenn played well against Mike Barnes until one slip, which Mike punished to the full. We weren't able to find the win to level matters, although Alan and myself added draws against Brian Hayward and Mike Naylor. Our 4 draws were all achieved against higher graded opponents.

Result A 2 v Ga 1       2-3

* Some players have a high draw percentage, Jerry does not. This was Jerry's first draw since Steve Foster in November 2014. Jerry's style is combative, as you might expect of an ex-rugby player. I can't recall him offering a a League match. Here he accepted John's draw offer. He did agree a quick draw in a final round of a CWANG challenge once, also I I think against Steve, so that they could adjourn to the bar..