Ash 2 v Grantham 2

posted Apr 6, 2017, 8:58 AM by Phil Morgan
Ash 2 - Grantham 2    5.3.17

We bowed out of Division 1 with our first point since December, also earned against Grantham 2. That had been a very good point against a full-strength line -up. This was at best an o.k. result against depleted opponents. We were equally matched on the top 3 boards, which ended in 3 draws for Glenn, Jerry and myself. There was more disparity in the grades on Boards 4 and 5 and the results went with grading strength. Nigel Wright beat Chris Cumbers in a close , interesting game. He beat off his opponent's attack and steered into a winning ending.Chris Hill secured the visitors' draw , check-mating Alan Robinson with all of 6 seconds to spare.

Result  A2 v Grantham 2        2.5 -  2.5