Ash 1 v Grantham 2

posted Oct 6, 2016, 9:06 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 6, 2016, 12:10 PM by Steve Bak ]
5.10.16 Ashfield 1 v Grantham 2

This game saw the very welcome return to  first team colours of John Molyneux and Glenn Halfpenny, who last appeared in March, 2015. The last time they appeared together Ashfield 1 beat Grantham 1, who were already crowned as champions. In that game John beat Nigel Birtwistle who he met again here. John had a tiny edge but Nigel comfortably held this. Derek also drew as Black on Board 3, and Steve after a long defence held his endgame.

The decisive results came on the lower boards. Grantham drew first blood when Neil Graham resigned in a materially equal position in the middlegame. Neil resigned because his position was worse and he foresaw losses, and also because of a big clock deficit. He had less than eight minutes to play the remainder of the game. Neil will need to adjust to managing his time without the aid of the time control in Notts. League play.

Glenn's position also was not promising. His heavy pieces were lined up on the d file with no entry point. His knights were tied up and he had no active play. The dynamic possibilities on both sides of the board were with his opponent, who gained what seemed likely to be a winning passed pawn on the 'a' file . Glenn gained some activity for his Rooks and activated a knight. With tension arising in the position and match situation, time too became a factor. Glenn made up his time deficit, stayed calm and in the rapidplay finish emerged an unlikely winner.

The match ended as a hard-fought and exciting draw. In due course both sides may regard this as a point earned rather than a point lost.

Result  Ashfield 1 v Grantham 2    2.5 - 2.5