Ashfield 2 v W. Bridgford 1

posted Mar 23, 2017, 5:25 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 23, 2017, 5:38 AM ]
Ash 2 v West Bridgford 1   22/3/17

We knew that the losers of this game would be relegated, and when Nigel Wright turned round a lost position against Ross Murphy fortune seemed to be on our side. I added a draw. Of the 3 games remaining Glenn and Jerry seemed reasonably placed, while John Shaw was pressing strongly against Chris Budd, whose pieces were massed on the back rank.
 West Bridgford then fought back with great spirit and skill. Robert Richmond played a fine attacking game against Glenn.The threat of Bishop and Queen trained in g7 was parried easily enough but the combination of a Queen side pawn advance and back rank threats put further strain on Glenn's position. Robert's rook invaded the back rank. Glenn lost on time in a losing position. Jerry too fell on time succumbing to Richard Truman's forcing endgame play. Chis Budd in the last game to finish calmly beat off John's threats to achieve the draw that secured the victory.

Result   Ash 2 v WB 1     2-3    West Bridgford still  have it in their hands to stay up. For us after 2 seasons in the top tier, Division 2 beckons. Consecutive 3-2 defeats to our relegation rivals show that we have fallen just short of the standard needed to stay in Division 1, despite giving this our best shot.