Ashfield 4 v West Notts 5

posted Jan 5, 2017, 4:15 AM by Phil Morgan
A4 v WN 5    4.1.16

The result of Ashfield 4 v West Nottingham 5, played 04/01/2017, is as follows:

Ashfield 4                          4  -  0                      West Nottingham 5

Malcolm Jackson              1  -  0                      Alana Leung
Peter Clarke                      1  -  0                     Isabella Bonev
Ric Dawson                      1  -  0                      Mathilde Willson-Drummond
George Heath                   1  -  0                      Emma Green

From the names, I'm deducing that our team beat a young all- girl line-up. Apologies if this is incorrect. The West Notts. club is exceptional at encouraging juniors. Hopefully the girls who played won't be put off by such defeats, and if they retain their interest, their play can only develop. If they're still playing as a team, they may smash our team next season.