Gambit 1 v Ash 2

posted Feb 8, 2017, 11:24 AM by Phil Morgan
Gambit 1 v Ash 2  7.2.17

We often raise our game against Gambit 1, and again here  we gave them a major fright. Several boards looked promising for us, notably Board 1 where Jerry seemed to have built a very strong attack against Mike Barnes. Alan was defeated by John Swain and Mike played very accurately to retrieve and turn round his game with Jerry. We hit back with two wins. The Evergreen Stan scored a fine win against Gambit captain, Brian Hayward. I had a pleasant edge for most of my game against Peter Mercs and for once I managed to convert this into a win. All down to Onos and John Shaw- a blood and thunder affair, as most of Onos' games appear to be. It was very double-edged. Somebody was getting mated. Onos' King escaped the checks, and he claimed the win that gave the home team victory.

Result  Gambit 1 v A 2    3-2