Gambit 2 v Ash 1

posted Oct 19, 2016, 6:38 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 20, 2016, 4:27 PM ]
Gambit 2 v A1  18.10.16

S Burke    1/2 v  O Kofi-Ofuafor
D Jarvis       0 v  M Naylor
A Toothill    0 v  G Jennings
N Graham   0 v  B Hayward
J Shaw        0 v  J Huthwaite
Captain's post-match report -

"Still can’t really believe it!
I was a little disappointed to realise I had misplayed my position and was slightly worse if anything. But when I accepted an early draw I felt we were at least heading for a draw and quite likely a win in the match.
For those who weren’t there...
Derek seemed to have a nice French with equal/good chances. He played what was, I assume, a temporary pawn sacrifice, but somewhere along the way didn’t get it back? Eventually the extra pawn queened.
Andrew was pressing and broke through to his opponent’s king, winning a couple of pawns along the way. With 4 minutes against 37, he could have forced a draw by repetition but chose to play for more. However, the time took it’s toll and soon he was fighting for a draw and the inevitable ensued.
Neil sacrificed a piece early to bring Brian’s king out to the middle of the board. It will be interesting to hear whether the computer will show a win, but it would be unlucky if there is not at least a repetition? However Brian escaped and won the ending.
John played a very nice game, winning a pawn early. Later his opponent played an unsound tactic, which should left him massively down on material, but sadly John didn’t see the refutation and then fell into a mate.
West Bridgford are next up in a fortnight, and hopefully we can start accumulating some points."

Result   Gambit 2 v A1    4.5 - 0.5 *

* It's also well worth reading the report of this match on the Gambit website, which gives an insight into the intricate arts of team captaincy. See how the Gambit team captain did himself out of a game.