Gambit 2 v Ash 2

posted Mar 9, 2017, 1:09 PM by Phil Morgan
O Kofi-Ofuafor  0 1 G Halfpenny
M Naylor           .5 .5 J Herrington
G Jennings         .5 .5 R Taylor
D Sudar              1  0 P Morgan
T Adams             1  0 A Robinson
                           3  2

In the words of our opposing captain  - "And the award for flukiest player goes to .... Tom Adams.
He was all but totally lost but wriggled in Alan's TT and somehow escaped with a win.

I was no better than drawn with Phil even though a pawn up but he allowed me to win his advanced pawn and then allowed the swap of opp col bishops leaving a R+4 v R+2, losing on time in a lost position. Mike let a win slip against Jerry. Onos looked fine but then Glenn got going." 

Bob played a good pressing game, but was unable to break through Graeme's accurate defence. A tough defeat for us to take. With 2 League games to go, our backs are now firmly against the wall as we attempt to preserve our  Division 1 status.