Grantham 2 v Ash 2

posted Dec 8, 2016, 6:33 AM by Phil Morgan
Grantham 2 v Ashfield 2    7.12.2016

Since Grantham left the now demolished Shirley Croft Hotel, our away trips have become less pleasurable and productive. We travel with an impending sense of doom, usually warranted. So it was a heartening experience to return with a share of the spoils and two of us able to savour wins. Glenn and myself each lost from promising positions in our previous game. Glenn put us in front here with a confident win with the Black pieces on Board 2. I scored my first win of the season. After a dominant game, I blew up in my opponent's time trouble and was mightily relieved to win on time.  Alan confidently held a draw. Jerry on Board 1 and Bob in his second game of the season both played well in defeat.

Grantham 2 v Ash 2      2.5 -2.5          This puts us on 5 points from 7 games, a tally which Ashfield 1 would be very happy to achieve. We head the 4 teams in the bottom half of the table. A very tight relegation battle seems likely in the second half of the season..