Nomads 1 v Ash 3

posted Apr 6, 2017, 8:41 AM by Phil Morgan
Nomads 1 v A3     3.4.17

The League situation inspired our team to push for a win. A loss for Pete Clarke made this a tall order. Steve Bak overpressed in trying to force a win and lost. Trevor won, and Nigel scored a good draw against John Harrison. Stan was pressing for a win, but falling behind on the clock. Stan's opponent , Graham Neil, offered a draw which Stan failed to hear, after which Stan's flag fell. Graham then very sportingly agreed the draw in this unclear situation. Our team just miss out on promotion, but have had a very good season in Division 3.

Result  Nomads - A3      3-2  Congratulations to Nomads on their return to D2 next season.