_Season Review Ash 3

posted Jul 9, 2017, 1:39 PM by Steve Bak
Here's a brief report on the 3rd Team performance:-

For most of the season Ashfield 3 looked like serious contenders for the runner-up promotion spot, but University 1 came through strongly in the second half and displaced us. We scored well on 4 boards, with Nigel, Steve, Stan and even the captain getting well above 50%. Stan, once again, was highly consistent on Bd 3 with 9 points from 13 games and Steve Bak scored 81/2 from 12. Malc was too busy selling chocolates to play during the Christmas and Easter periods, so we lacked a settled final board, with Pete Clarke standing in most often. John Shaw made a valuable contribution on 2 occasions at the end of the season. 

My thanks to everyone who turned out. I hope we can retain the same basic team come September"