West Bridgford 1 v Ash 1

posted Feb 28, 2017, 3:24 PM by Phil Morgan
WB 1 v A1 27.2.17

R Richmond     1/2 v 1/2    J Molyneux
R Truman             0 v 1       N Dong
R Taylor            1/2 v 1/2    S Burke
R Murphy         1/2 v 1/2    D Jarvis
C Budd                0 v 1        G Halfpenny
It was a strange match from early on as Richard resigned having apparently blundered material, but possibly not as much as he thought?
In my game, we “out-move-ordered” each other in the opening and ended up in a stodgy Stonewall that neither of us really wanted, and being a point up I was happy to agree a draw.
Top board always looked level after early exchange of queens and was also a fairly early finish.
We seemed to be doing okay in the other two, where Glenn got a nice position and then handled Chris’ piece sacrifice to bring home the win as the position eventually opened up.
Derek had got behind on the clock and ended up having to save a very tricky ending with 5 minutes against 30, but did hold it in the end.
So, post-Christmas mission accomplished for my team, who have won all four of the “relegation group” matches and can now enjoy the remaining tough matches against the top three.
There is now the mini-league between the bottom four teams to be played out, which should be very interesting.

Steve Burke