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Week-end 1 11/12 November

posted Nov 12, 2017, 1:17 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Nov 17, 2017, 3:31 PM ]
Week-end 1
As last season Ashfield-Breadsall is fielding 2 teams in Division 3 North of the 4 NCL. There are 20 teams in the Division.Games are played over 6 boards. The strength of teams can be gauged by the team's Average FIDE rating, a figure which is shown on match scores. In Round 1 AB 1's average rating was 1989. Six teams fielded sides with an average rating above 2000. AB 2's average rating was 1858. 5 teams in the division had a rating below 1800. By this rough yardstick, AB1 will be aiming to be in the top third of the table. AB2 will be aiming to stay above the bottom third.
The first week-end was played at the Holiday Inn, Doncaster. The League has 11 rounds played over 5 week-ends.

Round 1

Shropshire 2   (AR 1777)  v  AB 1   (AR 1989)         Result 2-3
A win but probably an under-par performance. Our top 3 boards conceded draws to lower-graded players. We had the bottom boards, Dave Flynn and Mike Naylor to thank for the win.

Bradford DCA Knights A   AR 2057 v  AB 2  AR 1858  Result 4.5- 1.5
Our second team had a tough first round draw. The result was pretty much in line with the grading disparity. Richard Trueman, Steve Burke and Maurice Hill claimed draws. 

Round 2

AB1  (AR 1983)  v Gonzaga (AR 2173)
Our first team gave the top seeds in the Division a very close contest. At one time the score was 2-2 with the game in the balance. There was a fine win by John Garnett, and very good draws for Glenn Halfpenny and Richard Trueman, all achieved against opponents graded 200+ points higher. Louis and Steve fought well in defeat. Gonzaga knew they were in a real match.  Result 2-4

AB2 (AR 1867) v Manchester Manticores 4 (AR 1796)
There wasn't a lot between the teams on ratings, but AB2 achieved a convincing team win. There were wins for Dave Flynn (again), Maurice Hill and Neil Graham, backed up by draws from Anita Somton, Mike Naylor and Bob Taylor. This win is likely to ensure AB2 will get a tough third round draw. Result 4.5 - 1.5

After 2 Rounds  our 2 teams each have 2 match points, but AB2 with 6 game points stand in 8th. AB1 on 5.5 game points stand in 12th.