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Week-end 4, 17+18 March

posted Mar 18, 2018, 5:38 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 21, 2018, 3:29 AM ]
This weekend at Bolton coincided with the Return of the Beast from the East with Snow causing some disruption to team plans

Saturday, 17 March

AB1 , average grade 1991 played Castleford Roses, average grade 1646 and duly dispatched them 6-0

AB2, average grade 1776, played Manchester 2, average grade 1979, and managed 3 good draws by Dave Flynn, Neil Graham and Terry Lavelle in a 4.5 - 1.5 defeat. Bob Taylor lost to former Ashfield clubmate Richard Webster, who now plays for Manchester and Calderdale teams.

Sunday, 18 March

AB1, average grade 1957, played Manchester 2, Av. grade 1981 and trounced them! Wins for Mike Naylor, Alex Combie (v. Richard Webster) and John Garnett were backed up by 3 solid draws. Result 4.5 - 1.5

AB2, av. grade 1760, played Castleford Roses, av. grade 1646. AB defaulted a board but draws on the top 2 boards by Somton Ukken and Neil Graham and wins from Bob Taylor, Maurice Hill and Terry Lavelle secured victory. Result 4-2

Neil -" Could I thank everyone for turning up at Bolton this weekend.  Hopefully it will be our last weekend here!  This venue hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for us so I was pleased to come away with six points.  Can I deal with the weather sitiuation. It’s clear now that the conditions for David and Steve who were to travel on Sunday were atrocious – it was comparatively clear at Bolton and on the journey back but easily the worst road conditions we found were around Mansfield!  I had stood our two players down late on Saturday night when I received an e-mail that Bradford were going to default a number of boards on Sunday – their players had taken four hours to get back over the M62.  As AB-2 were drawn against Bradford “C” I expected a win on default and an early exit for home from us.   However it was not to be and I found on Sunday morning about 9.45 that a whole Bradford team (6 players) weren’t turning up and that we had been re-paired against Castleford Roses. The result of all this was that I had to ask Somton to play and unfortunately because of the 80pt rule he had to be on Board 1 (Dave having moved up to AB-1).  Anyway it all turned out to the good. This is a longer missive than usual as I everyone had gone home when I returned from analysing my game. So thanks again – I will circulate about Rounds 9-11 at the start of next month.  Finally let’s spare a thought for Enniscorthy – the Irish team were on the Dublin-Holyhead ferry and because of the awful winds it attempted to dock three times at the Welsh port; a fourth attempt failed and it turned round and went back to Ireland – and we thought we had it bad."
Neil went on to congratulate Alex Combie for his marvellous achievment of 6 wins at Bolton. Well done, Alex, who is also playing a sterling role for the Notts Correspondence Team.