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Division 2 Shuffle

posted Oct 14, 2017, 5:13 AM by Phil Morgan
As some of you may be aware, University have withdrawn their first team from the NCA Leagues.  The LMC has approved a request by Gambit to enter a new team in place of University 1, and so I'm pleased to inform you that Division 2 will remain at 8 teams for this season.

The new team will be called Gambit X (for extra), and for player eligibility purposes the team will be below Gambit 2 and above Gambit 3.  The team captain is Drag Sudar, whose details I imagine you all have already, but are available on the NCA website.

Our club games with Gambit X will be held as follows -

Weds Dec 13       A2  v  Gambit X

Tues 9 Jan            Gambit X v  A3

Weds 21 Feb        A3 v  Gambit X

Tues 17 April        Gambit X  v  A2