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Pre-Season Friendly / Diary Dates

posted Aug 16, 2018, 8:22 AM by Phil Morgan
Ashfield v Clay Cross  15.8.18

1 S Burke - A Webster   0-1
2 N Graham - P Williams draw
3 R Taylor - N Cameron  1-0
4 T Lewis - B Lever   1-0
5 R Sayer - F Pearson 1-0
6 R Dawson - A Bacon draw                   Result 4-2 home win

Bob won quickly . Other games were hard fought. Trevor's Heavy Piece attack attack caught Brian's King in the centre. Ray won the exchange and converted, playing on the increment with under 5 minutes on his clock. Neil and Paul's game always looked very even. Andy did well to salvage a draw, material down.. Last exciting game to finish was on the top board. Alex, guesting for his old club, built up a strong attack. Steve had just about repelled it when his flag fell.

Diary Dates. The Club will be closed on the next 2 Wednesdays. ( The Real Ale sub-branch will re-locate to  the Dandy Cock.) The Club re-opens with an Open Night on Weds 5 Sept at 7.30, visitors are welcome.

Other dates ahead . Mon 10 Sept Ashfield 1's opening game at West Notts
                                 Sunday 16 Sept 11.00 Club Rapidplay Championship
                                 Weds 19 Sept  Ashfield 3 v Ashfield 2