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Notts League

Ashfield 4 v Nomads 3

posted Apr 17, 2018, 8:38 AM by Phil Morgan

Ashfield 4 v Nomads 3    11.4.18

While the first team were defeating West Notts to ensure Division ! survival, Ashfield 4 were battling problems of their own making. As a club we rarely default boards, so to default 2 boards in a home match was a rare occurrence. It will be a match that Richard will want to forget.

The result of Ashfield 4 v Nomads 3, played 11/04/2018, is as follows:

Ashfield 4                        1.5 - 2.5                      Nomads 3

Malcolm Jackson              0  -  1                        Dave Dunne
Richard Dyce                   0.5 - 0.5                     Alberto Rodriguez
Ric Dawson                       1  -  0                       Alistair Young
Default                               0  -  1                       Steve Swanwick
Default                               0  -  0                       Default


Ashfield 1 - West Notts 1

posted Apr 12, 2018, 2:35 AM by Phil Morgan

Ashfield 1 v West Notts 1  11.4.18

Arriving at 10.00 p.m., I was greeted by Neil who told me our first team were losing. Fortunately his information was about 20 minutes out of date. David had been in trouble in his game, but salvaged it. Derek notched the first win. Steve's and John's quickly followed. John's win in a complex, tactical game against Jonah was the stand-out result. Glenn looked to have at least a draw in hand against Adyita, playing on the increment, until a careless slip was punished to the full. ( Phil0

J Molyneux              1 v 0        J Willow
G Halfpenny            0 v 1        A Munshi
S Burke                    1 v 0        S Scott
D Jarvis                    1 v 0        H Willow
D Levens              1/2 v 1/2     R Willoughby
Steve - Cue a rendition of “The Great Escape” theme tune!
After 7 consecutive losses in the middle of the season, a run of 3 wins has seen us just avoid the drop – and maintain my record of never being relegated as a captain!
It looked a tight match though I thought we always had a slight edge overall. ...

Gambit X v Ash 2

posted Apr 11, 2018, 6:02 AM by Phil Morgan

Gambit X v Ash 2   10.4.18

Against the top teams we've come up short on the top boards. This was repeated against the Division 2 winners. Mike  saw Jerry off pretty smartly. I was always on the back foot against Florian, and played an unsound move which cost me my c pawn, an exchange and the game. Beneath the top boards we were competitive. Neil had a rock-solid draw. Nigel showed his improvement with a fine draw against Steve ECF 166, finding some resourceful defence. Alan managed to emerge with a draw under strong pressure from Graham .

Gambit X v A2

1 M Naylor  -  J Herrington   1-0
2 F Biermann - P Morgan      1-0
3 S Hunter - N Wright          Draw 
4 D Sudar   - N Graham        Draw 
5 G Gibson  - A Robinson     Draw
Result 3.5 - 1.5

Grantham 2 v Ash 2

posted Apr 6, 2018, 2:42 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 6:51 AM ]

Grantham 2 v Ashfield 2    4.4.18

.The day coincided with news of the death of Ray Wilkins at the age of 61. Neil's offer on the trip there to render his Ken Dodd songs again  was declined and we  gave " The Ogres' Hummingbird " some air time. 
Grantham were by some way the strongest team we have played this season, Average Grade 161 to our 141. In our home fixture against them, which we won 3-2, their average grade was 127.Their strength told in the match.  They  outmuscled us on the top 2 boards. A draw narrowly eluded me. We actually edged Boards 3-5 and it's probably as well as we have played all season. Neil successfully sported his replacement lucky cap.

1 J Williams  182 - P Morgan  141     1-0
2 P Cusick    162 - R. Taylor   151     1-0
3 C Holt        159 - A Robinson 137   Draw
4 A Hebert     158 - N Graham  145   0-1
5 C Hill          145 - N Wright     133  Draw
Result 3-2  
A long home journey va Ollerton and Sutton Lawn, due to driver incompetence and roadworks, was lightened by dusty old gags from Neil's Bumper Book Of Jokes

Ash 2 v Newark 2

posted Mar 29, 2018, 4:30 AM by Phil Morgan

Ash 2 v Newark 2   28.03.18

Newark needed a point to stay up, and it was a hard-fought encounter. I scored a surprise,quick win against Keith, his first League loss of the season. Jerry won on top board with a nicely constructed mating attack. Alan's draw assured us of at least a point. Graham Ladds hit back for the visitors. A win  on the last board in play would have secured Newark's Division 2 safety. Richard Myers' passed central pawns looked very menacing, but Alex stayed calm, held firm, and secured a draw to clinch our team win.
1 . J Herrington  1 - 0     I Burridge
2   A Webster    0.5 - 0.5  R Myers
3  R Taylor        0 - 1   G Ladds
4  P Morgan      1 - 0   K Aiton
5  A Robinson   0.5 - 0.5  N Spencer

Result  3-2 keeps alive A3 hope of staying up, and moves A2 up the table to level third with Grantham 2. We seem to have recovered from our midwinter slump and are in good heart, as we'll need to be with 2 tough opponents ahead in our next 2 games..

Ash 3 v Nomads 1

posted Mar 22, 2018, 3:38 AM by Phil Morgan

Ashfield 3 v Nomads 1    21.3.18

Our third team showed again they are a match for most teams in Division 2 with a draw against second placed Nomads. Neil and Alan drew on top boards. Trevor also drew. Maurice Hill had put Nomads ahead with a win over Steve Bak. Nigel equalised with his late win against Graham Neill.   Result 2.5 - 2.5

Ashfield 3 could still avoid relegation, but would need to win their final match, also against Nomads and other results to go in their way. If A3 are relegated this can be put down to their 2 losses to A2, when the senior team pulled rank and had their pick of players.

W. Bridgford 1 v Ash 1

posted Mar 20, 2018, 1:41 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 2, 2018, 2:44 PM ]

West Bridgford 1 v Ashfield 1    19.3.18

The home team have fielded some weakened teams this season. Tonight the significant team news was the absence of their talisman, Robert Richmond. This brought to my  mind a favourite episode of Top Cat when Officer Dibble was off work in sight of the beat record.
Robert's absence gave us a psychological lift, and the course of games soon moved in our tide. Steve and myself were happy to agree early draws, and the victories in due course arrived on the 3 remaining boards. Glenn "The Machine" Halfpenny confirmed his welcome return to form with his third consecutive win. David was winning for a long time and eventually wore down his opponent's stubborn resistance. John nursed a very pleasant advantage on Board 1 with a strong passed pawn and active pieces. Brian had to sit and suffer to defend his second rank. Brian looked to activate his Knight, and  he glimpsed equality when Rooks were swapped and he snatched the passed pawn. He offered a draw. John moved his King towards the Knight, before it dawned on Brian and spectators that the Knight was trapped on the open board, coralled by John's Bishop - a nice finishing touch to a very satisfying evening for the visitors.The clubhouse and bar for once stayed open for the duration of the match. 

B Thompson           0 v 1      J Molyneux
R Murphy               0 v 1      G Halfpaenny
W Atiomo Sr       1/2 v 1/2   S Burke
F Hill                       0 v 1      D Levens
C Budd               1/2 v 1/2    P Morgan

Result 1- 4 on the night, amended to 0-5.  Home team penalised  for the Board 4 and 5 players not playing in order of strength.

Ashfield 1 live to fight another day , at least until Gambit 2 play Mansfield 1. We occupy 7th place in Division 1, a point behind Gambit 2. Both teams have 1 remaining game.

Nomads 1 v Ash 2

posted Mar 13, 2018, 4:09 AM by Phil Morgan

Nomads 1 v Ash 2     12.3.18

Our team's first visit to the Organ Grinder coincided with news of Ken Dodd's death. Neil regaled us with his songs   en route. This is unlikely to develop into a regular pre-match ritual but it gave us a lift on the night. Jerry found the venue and ale to his liking and avenged his earlier season loss to Dave.  Neil's game looked to most of us to be headed for a draw, but Neil spotted the chance to play into a winning King and Pawns ending. The rest of us backed up with draws. I broke my sequence of losing to rival captains.

Nomads1 v A2 
1 D Flynn   0 - 1 J Herrington 
2 S Bayhaat  - R Taylor  draw
3  M Hill   - P Morgan  draw
4 D Griffiths  0 - 1  N Graham 
5 G Neill   - A Robinson draw

Result  1.5 - 3.5    Nomads ? - Tears for Souvenirs are what we left them We drove home with More Than Our Share of Happiness.

Long Eaton v Ash 3

posted Mar 12, 2018, 6:31 AM by Phil Morgan

Long Eaton v Ash 3     7.3.18

Long Eaton v Ashfield 3 (7 March 2018)
1 Williams D (165) 0.5 v 0.5 Graham N (145)
2 Cast J (163) 1 v 0 Robinson A (137)
3 Bentley A (159) 1 v 0 Bak S (139)
4 Robins A (153) 0.5 v 0.5 Shaw J (133)
5 Clayton S (119) 0 v 1 Lewis T (114)
3 v2

Our third team lost narrowly to a strong Long Eaton line-up. Neil and Trevor have been particularly consistent  this season, and John also notched a good draw here.

Newark 1 v Ashfield 1

posted Mar 8, 2018, 3:46 AM by Phil Morgan

Newark 1 v Ashfield 1      5.3.18

Part 1 of the Great Escape?

M Smith        1/2 v 1/2    J Molyneux
A Combie         0 v 1       G Halfpenny
Z Tardi             1 v 0       S Burke
A George         0 v 1       D Levens
I Burridge     1/2 v 1/2    N Graham
And so the fight goes on – at least until Gambit 2 play WN1 next Tuesday!
All the games were long and hard fought. I managed to blunder a piece in a better position, putting more pressure than should have been on Glenn to win with an extra pawn and more time. Luckily David’s improved results have coincided with a few late blunders by myself – hopefully this isn’t contagious - Steve

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