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Notts League

Ashfield 3 v Long Eaton

posted Nov 16, 2017, 7:54 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Nov 16, 2017, 7:59 AM ]

13.11.17 A3 v Long Eaton

  1.   J.Herrington    1     D.Williams    0
  2.   N.Graham      ½       J.Cast           ½
  3.   N.Wright         0      A.Bentley      1
  4. J.Shaw              0      A.Robins        1
  5. T.Lewis            ½       S.Clayton      ½

 The visitors were at full strength .Jerry, a late call-up scored a good top board win. Neil Graham scored a good draw. The visitors claimed Boards 3 and 4. Trevor fought back hard to achieve a winning position, but playing quickly in his opponent's time trouble, carelessly let the full point slip.  Long Eaton sneaked a welcome win when a draw had seemed in our team's reach..

Result 2-3

Ashfield 1 v Newark 1

posted Nov 9, 2017, 2:04 AM by Phil Morgan

Ashfield 1 v Newark 1       8.11.17

G Halfpenny        1/2 – 1/2    M Smith
S Burke                1/2 – 1/2    A Combie
D Levens                 0 – 1       Z Tardi
J Herrington            0 – 1       A George
P Morgan                0 – 1       D Jazdzewski
Unfortunately the absence of our two “superstars” meant that we were out-graded on each board rather than having the advantage ourselves. Nevertheless the match was not as one sided as it looks.
Glenn had an unusual Sicilian position where white probably had the best chances, but eventually swapped down to a level ending.
I had a level position with a lot more time, but Alex kept playing the best moves and I couldn’t find a way to make progress.
David ‘s run of getting good/winning positions but letting his opponent off the hook must come to an end sometime!
Jerry had a good looking position but miscalculated winning a queen and, thrown off balance, perhaps didn’t find the best defence afterwards.
Phil was under attack in a complex position and his counterplay in the game wasn’t enough, though perhaps there was some way to hold the position?

( Shorn  of our Big Guns and Neil, Steve called up the Home Guard ( Jerry and myself) and we performed like Privates On Parade, our shortcomings well and truly exposed. Sitting on a  dodgy position, I drew  perverse comfort that Jerry's position crumbled even quicker than mine Back to the ranks!. Phil.)

Result   Ashfield v Newark  1 - 4

Ash 2 v Grantham 2

posted Oct 26, 2017, 7:55 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:04 AM by Steve Bak ]

Ashfield 2 v Grantham 2     25.10.17

1 G Halfpenny  - P Cusick   0-1
2 J Herrington  - C Hill   draw
3 D Levens - G Wollerton draw
4 P Morgan - C Cumbers  1-0
5 A Robinson - J Pocock   1-0

3 weeks earlier, I played for A3 at Grantham when Grantham 2 , Average Grade 163 outmuscled A3, whose Average Grade was 133. Tonight the boot was on the other foot as A2 fielded a team, Average Grade 152 against a Grantham team short of 3 regulars, whose average grade dived to 127. Opportunity knocked and we just about took advantage. We registered the first 2 wins on the lower boards, which had the greatest ratings disparity. This was not without a scare as my position was perilous at one point. After a draw on Board 3 we were pressing for wins on the top 2 boards, still in play. Jerry fell just short of claiming the full point, but got the draw that sealed the team win. Glenn was  winning over the board in a game which blew open in a time scramble, but paying more attention to the position than his clock. His extra Queen on the board counted for nothing when his flag fell.

Result  Ashfield 2 v Grantham  2        3-2  Home Win    ( A2 have won our first 3 fixtures. This was Grantham's first defeat after 3 wins. They remain top of the League, level on points with A2, who have a game in hand.)

Gambit 2 v Ash 1

posted Oct 26, 2017, 7:19 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]

Gambit 2 v Ash 1  24.10.17

Gambit 2 drew with Ashfield 1 after looking like winning at one point. Jiri was beaten fairly quickly by Dong. Tom was two pawns up against John Molyneux but as the game exploded into life John managed to get both back and after the dust had settled Tom found himself with a bishop v 2 connected pawns. Fortunately he was able to get his king back just in time to ensure a draw. Oliver was looking very comfortable against Steve Burke with at least a draw and a strong pawn on the 7th rank. He then played a couple of weakening moves allowing Steve a mating threat which he could only stop by leaving his support of the advanced pawn. Steve took the pawn and proceeded to invade Oliver’s position and it was soon over. Mike N was involved in a tight battle with Glenn Halfpenny who had a good looking pawn advance. However Mike played nicely ending a pawn up and, although he missed a forced win, he did pounce on a later mistake by Glenn to win. Onos also had a tight game v David Levens but took advantage of an error by David to win a piece and the game. ( Thanks to Drag Sudar for this report.) 

Ashfield player views - Steve -" I had a big advantage after the opening, but missed the best line. Then equal until I played too optimistically for a queenside attack and could have lost if Oliver had attacked my kingside while my pieces were far away. Luckily he was distracted from that by my queenside threats."             
 David - "Last night was the second time I had lost to Gambit from seemingly better positions. Against Tom Adams I definitely missed a win in time trouble, but against my oponent last night I played a risky sacrifice that should have worked out - when we went through the game after, my opponent was clearly unsure and also thought I should have won. However, when I got home and put the game on Fritz it was clear my sac was unsound?! I made it worse by changing my mind about the continuation and miscalculated horribly.".

Result Gambit 2       2.5        Ashfield 1      2.5

Gambit 4 v Ash 4

posted Oct 26, 2017, 7:14 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]

Gambit 4 v Ashfield 4   24.10.17

Gambit 4 had a nice 4-1 win over Ashfield 4 on the same night (very nice fixture scheduling by Robert Richmond). Dick was under pressure from Trevor Lewis but Trevor made a mistake which allowed a mating attack. Peter outplayed Peter Clarke winning material on the way to a mating combination. Derek dropped a pawn in an equal position v Richard Dyce but the players agreed a draw. Mick H was winning against George Heath but lost a piece; however he was able to hold on for a draw. Maggie beat Ric Dawson with a potentially mating attack which resulted in the win of a piece.  ( Report from Gambit website. Thanks to Drag and Derek.)

Result  Gambit 4 Ashfield 1 (Gambit 4 had a  strong top board pairing of Dick Edwards and Peter Goecka -Marshall who have experience of competing at a higher level.)

Ash 1 v Mansfield 1

posted Oct 19, 2017, 4:16 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:04 AM by Steve Bak ]

Ashfield 1 v Mansfield 1 18.10.17

A minor tremor as Louis suffered his first loss for Ashfield, previously 4.5/5. His game was lost in the opening as Jon Tait played a White line in the French Defence, Rubinstein Variation, which entailed exchanging his Queen for 3 pawns, leaving Louis' position beyond salvage. This early win put Mansfield firmly in the driving seat. Glenn looked closest to hitting back, but could never quite gain an advantage. David's game was closely contested, until Ken won his Queen for a Rook and a Bishop. Steve did well to hold a draw. The game was already lost 1-3 , when Neil Graham was handed a most unlikely win by George in a seemingly dead drawn position.

B Dong             0 v 1     J Tait
G Halfpenny 1/2 v 1/2  J Burnett   
S Burke         1/2 v 1/2 P Ackley
D Levens          0 v 1    K Morrison
N Graham        1 v 0    J Wagenbach

Result  Ashfield 1 v Mansfield 1        2-3

Ash 3 v West Bridgford 2

posted Oct 19, 2017, 2:36 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]

Ashfield 3 v West Bridgord 2 18.10.17

The absence of the team's regular lower boards offered an opportunity to strengthen from above. Jerry Herrington and Alex Webster, making his club debut, were brought in on the top boards, and the regular top boards moved down the batting order.. It was a very tight encounter with the visitors making the running especially on the bottom boards. Terry Lavelle played particularly well to defeat Stan, opening up the a-file, exposing Stan's King and check-mating. Bob Abrahart also had a seemingly dangerous King side attack. When I took Stan home, I thought we might have a chance of turning the game round, as Steve won a pawn with a tactic which gave him a dangerous passed pawn, and Alex had an initiative coupled with a good edge on time.
 Returning to the venue, the match had swung decisively in our favour. Alex's attack had crashed through after an error by Chis. Steve had moved into a winning ending. Bob's attack was beaten off. Nigel was a pawn up in the ending. Jerry was also establishing control of his position. At the business end of these games, our players asserted their competitive mettle. The winning margin does not reflect the tightness of the match. This first A3 win of the season leaves the visitors at the foot of the division.

1 J Herrington  1- 0  W Atiomo
2 A Webster     1- 0  C Budd
3 S Bak            1- 0  C Frazer
4 N Wright        1-0  R Abrahart
5 S Ceanmer      0 -1 T Lavelle
Result 4-1

Ash 4 v Newark 3

posted Oct 15, 2017, 3:28 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]

Ashfield 4 v Newark 3     11.10.17

The result of Ashfield 4 v Newark 3, played 11/10/2017, is as follows:

Ashfield 4                             1.5 - 3.5                          Newark 3

Nigel Wright                           0  -  1                            Richard Myers
Malcolm Jackson                   0  -  1                            Graham Ladds
Peter Clarke                         0.5 - 0.5                         J. Wellington
George Heath                        0  -  1                            M. Spencer
Ric Dawson                            1  -  0                           Malcolm Hargreaves

This game demonstrated that there is some very good play, and some very good players, in the lower divisions of the Notts League. Ashfield took the lead with a quick win by Ric. A draw always looked likely in the Board 3 encounter, but Newark were always pressing on the Boards 1,2 and 4. Graham Ladds efficiently converted a positional advantage.. Mr Spencer's attack broke through despite George's stubborn defence.
The top board game was the last to finish. For much of this Nigel looked "under the cosh" and Richard was close to crashing through. Nigel is a resourceful defensive player , who has successfully defended at least 2 dodgy positions this season ( against Neil Graham and myself the previous evening  with tonight's opening. I'd be interested in the engine evaluation. Just when it looked as though Nigel might have weathered the storm, the pressure told and he blundered a piece. No disgrace for Ashfield 4 in losing to a strong Newark line-up.

Grantham 2 v Ash 3

posted Oct 6, 2017, 9:24 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 4:30 PM by Steve Bak ]

4.10.17  Grantham 2 v Ashfield 3

1 J Dilley  188  v P Morgan  141   1-0
2 P Cusick 162 v N Graham 145   draw
3 A Hebert  158 v N Wright  133   1-0
4 C Holt      159 v J Shaw    133   1-0
5 B Mason   146 v T Lewis   114   draw

Result  Grantham -Ashfield   4-1

With Grantham's bottom board outgrading all of us, the resultt was probably a par score. Grantham took command in the middle boards. Mine was a game of two halves, I had a pleasant initiative in the first half. Jason won the half that matters.. Trevor did well to hold a draw in his game, as did Neil. Neil seemed on the back foot for most of his game , but managed to eliminate pawns so that he was defending with just his King against his opponent's King, Knight and Bishop A tricky ending to win especially with little time on the clock..Neil's endeavour was rewarded when he made the pleasant discovery that his King had no legal moves in the position below. 

Neil's opponent had just moved his King from c3 to b3. with the right idea of driving Neil's King to the a8 square on which he can be checkmated. The drawback of the move is it gives stalemate, which  counts as a draw although White is two pieces to the good.

It was an enlightening evening all round. On the outward journey  we learnt from Neil about Polytechnics which have acquired University status, and on our return the closure of the Kelham Road Bridge gave John the chance to travel through villages he'd never heard of  e.g. Caunton and Wellow..

Gambit 1 v Ash 1

posted Oct 6, 2017, 8:49 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 12:51 PM by Steve Bak ]

Gambit 1 v Ashfield 1     3.10.17

The result of our extremely closely contested match last night was:

      Gambit I                                        Ashfield I

1. Michael Barnes (207)   lost to         Bao Nghia Dong (215)

2. John Swain (177)         lost to         John Molyneux (196)

3. Pete Mercs (178)          drew with   Steve Burke (167)

4. Jiri Jires (2052 = 180)   beat           Glenn Halfpenny (176)

5. Tom Adams (192)         beat           David Levens (155)

                                       2.5 – 2.5 


Congratulations to Jiri on his debut for Gambit on an impressive performance against Glenn Halfpenny (who was 193 only five years ago), to Tom who turned his game around amazingly against David Levens (who used to be the equivalent of about 200 in his prime) and to Pete who had a level game against in-form Steve Burke (fresh from beating Robert Richmond, 188, for the first time).  Commiserations to Mike who missed a mate against Bao Nghia Dong and who seemed to have the edge for quite a while.  I missed a win with ten seconds left (playing on increments) but my exchange sacrifice earlier hadn't quite worked out;

My thanks to Gambit captain John Swain for the above informative verdict. Ashfield were at full strength, and Gambit pretty near to this. It seems to have been an exciting night in which most board outcomes could have swung either way. The agreement to play with the new alternative incremental time limit seems to have added to the excitement. Given the strength of the line-ups, both teams may regard this as a point won, rather than a point dropped. 

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