A2 v Long Eaton 24.1.16

posted Jan 25, 2018, 4:19 AM by Phil Morgan
 A2 v Long Eaton

1  J Herrington    0 - 1   D Williams
2  D Levens       draw    J Cast          
3  R Taylor         0  - 1   A Bentley
4  P Morgan       0 - 1    A Robins
5  A Robinson     1 - 0   S Clayton

Result      1.5  -   3.5

Both teams had near to their top line-ups with the 2 captains on their preferred Board 4. A close contest might have been expected, but it was anything but with one-sided wins for the visitors on Boards 1,3 and 4. Dave Williams avenged an earlier season defeat to Jerry, Bob lost a pawn to Alex who then dominated their game. I misplayed a new opening line which Andy knew much better than me. He built up a strong mating attack to my King on h1. David got us on the score sheet and Alan won a tight encounter to reduce the deficit

( 3 defeats in our last 4 games have severely dented A2's promotion hopes.)