Ashfield 1 - West Notts 1

posted Apr 12, 2018, 2:35 AM by Phil Morgan
Ashfield 1 v West Notts 1  11.4.18

Arriving at 10.00 p.m., I was greeted by Neil who told me our first team were losing. Fortunately his information was about 20 minutes out of date. David had been in trouble in his game, but salvaged it. Derek notched the first win. Steve's and John's quickly followed. John's win in a complex, tactical game against Jonah was the stand-out result. Glenn looked to have at least a draw in hand against Adyita, playing on the increment, until a careless slip was punished to the full. ( Phil0

J Molyneux              1 v 0        J Willow
G Halfpenny            0 v 1        A Munshi
S Burke                    1 v 0        S Scott
D Jarvis                    1 v 0        H Willow
D Levens              1/2 v 1/2     R Willoughby
Steve - Cue a rendition of “The Great Escape” theme tune!
After 7 consecutive losses in the middle of the season, a run of 3 wins has seen us just avoid the drop – and maintain my record of never being relegated as a captain!
It looked a tight match though I thought we always had a slight edge overall. ...