Ash 1 v Newark 1

posted Nov 9, 2017, 2:04 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Dec 15, 2017, 4:15 PM by Steve Bak ]
Ashfield 1 v Newark 1       8.11.17

G Halfpenny        1/2 – 1/2    M Smith
S Burke                1/2 – 1/2    A Combie
D Levens                 0 – 1       Z Tardi
J Herrington            0 – 1       A George
P Morgan                0 – 1       D Jazdzewski
Unfortunately the absence of our two “superstars” meant that we were out-graded on each board rather than having the advantage ourselves. Nevertheless the match was not as one sided as it looks.
Glenn had an unusual Sicilian position where white probably had the best chances, but eventually swapped down to a level ending.
I had a level position with a lot more time, but Alex kept playing the best moves and I couldn’t find a way to make progress.
David ‘s run of getting good/winning positions but letting his opponent off the hook must come to an end sometime!
Jerry had a good looking position but miscalculated winning a queen and, thrown off balance, perhaps didn’t find the best defence afterwards.
Phil was under attack in a complex position and his counterplay in the game wasn’t enough, though perhaps there was some way to hold the position?

( Shorn  of our Big Guns and Neil, Steve called up the Home Guard ( Jerry and myself) and we performed like Privates On Parade, our shortcomings well and truly exposed. Sitting on a  dodgy position, I drew  perverse comfort that Jerry's position crumbled even quicker than mine Back to the ranks!. Phil.)

Result   Ashfield v Newark  1 - 4