Ashfield 2 v Ashfield 3

posted Jan 4, 2018, 1:53 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Jan 4, 2018, 3:26 AM ]
Ash 2 v Ash 3      3.1.18

1   R Taylor 1-0   S Bak  
 2 A Webster  1- 0  N Wright  
 3 P Morgan - T Lewis  draw
4 A Robinson  1 -0  P Clarke
5 R Sayer    - M Jackson  draw

Result 4-1     The final score-line does not reflect the closeness of the game.

A useful side could be assembled from players absent on the night 1 Jerry  2 David  3 Neil  4 John   5 Stan. Our 2 intended top boards withdrew on the day of the game. Thanks to players who stepped in at short notice. Our squad players all performed very well. Malc and Ray fought out a tight draw, as did the 2 captains on Board 3. The remaining 3 boards pretty much went down to the wire.
Steve Bak had a drawn position on the board and a draw available on request. Draws don't really appeal to Steve, and he judged rightly as it happened, that his team might need a full point from him. He played for a win, despite a significant clock deficit and took a hit for the team.Alex held a dominant position against Nigel from the opening, but Nigel, as is his style, was parrying the threats. Alex had to be very patient. His initiative dwindled, although he managed to convert into a winning ending, as Nigel's time ran down. Evidently this was Alex's first win against Nigel. Their rivalry goes back to junior chess. Alan, who is playing very well this season,  broke though Pete's stubborn defence, with all of 3 minutes to spare.

This game made me feel quite proud of our club, the willingness of players to turn out on request, and the ability of 15+ players to play decent Division 2 standard chess. This squad strength will be needed in the next few games for A2 and A3..