Ash 2 v Grantham 2

posted Oct 26, 2017, 7:55 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:04 AM by Steve Bak ]
Ashfield 2 v Grantham 2     25.10.17

1 G Halfpenny  - P Cusick   0-1
2 J Herrington  - C Hill   draw
3 D Levens - G Wollerton draw
4 P Morgan - C Cumbers  1-0
5 A Robinson - J Pocock   1-0

3 weeks earlier, I played for A3 at Grantham when Grantham 2 , Average Grade 163 outmuscled A3, whose Average Grade was 133. Tonight the boot was on the other foot as A2 fielded a team, Average Grade 152 against a Grantham team short of 3 regulars, whose average grade dived to 127. Opportunity knocked and we just about took advantage. We registered the first 2 wins on the lower boards, which had the greatest ratings disparity. This was not without a scare as my position was perilous at one point. After a draw on Board 3 we were pressing for wins on the top 2 boards, still in play. Jerry fell just short of claiming the full point, but got the draw that sealed the team win. Glenn was  winning over the board in a game which blew open in a time scramble, but paying more attention to the position than his clock. His extra Queen on the board counted for nothing when his flag fell.

Result  Ashfield 2 v Grantham  2        3-2  Home Win    ( A2 have won our first 3 fixtures. This was Grantham's first defeat after 3 wins. They remain top of the League, level on points with A2, who have a game in hand.)