Ash 3 v West Bridgford 2

posted Oct 19, 2017, 2:36 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]
Ashfield 3 v West Bridgord 2 18.10.17

The absence of the team's regular lower boards offered an opportunity to strengthen from above. Jerry Herrington and Alex Webster, making his club debut, were brought in on the top boards, and the regular top boards moved down the batting order.. It was a very tight encounter with the visitors making the running especially on the bottom boards. Terry Lavelle played particularly well to defeat Stan, opening up the a-file, exposing Stan's King and check-mating. Bob Abrahart also had a seemingly dangerous King side attack. When I took Stan home, I thought we might have a chance of turning the game round, as Steve won a pawn with a tactic which gave him a dangerous passed pawn, and Alex had an initiative coupled with a good edge on time.
 Returning to the venue, the match had swung decisively in our favour. Alex's attack had crashed through after an error by Chis. Steve had moved into a winning ending. Bob's attack was beaten off. Nigel was a pawn up in the ending. Jerry was also establishing control of his position. At the business end of these games, our players asserted their competitive mettle. The winning margin does not reflect the tightness of the match. This first A3 win of the season leaves the visitors at the foot of the division.

1 J Herrington  1- 0  W Atiomo
2 A Webster     1- 0  C Budd
3 S Bak            1- 0  C Frazer
4 N Wright        1-0  R Abrahart
5 S Ceanmer      0 -1 T Lavelle
Result 4-1