Ash 4 v Newark 3

posted Oct 15, 2017, 3:28 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]
Ashfield 4 v Newark 3     11.10.17

The result of Ashfield 4 v Newark 3, played 11/10/2017, is as follows:

Ashfield 4                             1.5 - 3.5                          Newark 3

Nigel Wright                           0  -  1                            Richard Myers
Malcolm Jackson                   0  -  1                            Graham Ladds
Peter Clarke                         0.5 - 0.5                         J. Wellington
George Heath                        0  -  1                            M. Spencer
Ric Dawson                            1  -  0                           Malcolm Hargreaves

This game demonstrated that there is some very good play, and some very good players, in the lower divisions of the Notts League. Ashfield took the lead with a quick win by Ric. A draw always looked likely in the Board 3 encounter, but Newark were always pressing on the Boards 1,2 and 4. Graham Ladds efficiently converted a positional advantage.. Mr Spencer's attack broke through despite George's stubborn defence.
The top board game was the last to finish. For much of this Nigel looked "under the cosh" and Richard was close to crashing through. Nigel is a resourceful defensive player , who has successfully defended at least 2 dodgy positions this season ( against Neil Graham and myself the previous evening  with tonight's opening. I'd be interested in the engine evaluation. Just when it looked as though Nigel might have weathered the storm, the pressure told and he blundered a piece. No disgrace for Ashfield 4 in losing to a strong Newark line-up.