Best Individual Results

posted Apr 30, 2018, 3:25 PM by Phil Morgan
Best Results

Team captains' reports will appear in due course. On my quick browse these appear to have been the best individual results this season. 

Best Wins

Trevor Lewis 114 as Black beat Drag Sudar 151

Andy Flint   123  beat Drag Sudar 151 ( Drag scored 75% for his season, which underlines. the merit of these 2 results.)

George Heath 90 beat v V Mendis  114 

Steve Burke  167 beat Robert Richmond 188

Steve Bak   139 beat Daniel Jazdzewski  154 as Black.

Best Draws

Steve Bak 139 drew with J Williams 182  ( Well done, Steve. I know you don't buy in to the concept of a good draw.)

Neil Graham 145 drew with J Williams 182 and a host of other 160+ players

Richard Dyce  91 drew with D Padvis 126 and in the same match George Heath 90 drew with Mick Harper 124.

Phil Morgan 141 drew with Somton Ukken 172 as Black.

Trevor Lewis 114 as Black drew with Ben Mason 146.

Nigel Wright 133 drew with Steve Hunter 162

None of these results were flukes. They were achieved by hard work and application.