Gambit 1 v Ash 1

posted Oct 6, 2017, 8:49 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 12:51 PM by Steve Bak ]
Gambit 1 v Ashfield 1     3.10.17

The result of our extremely closely contested match last night was:

      Gambit I                                        Ashfield I

1. Michael Barnes (207)   lost to         Bao Nghia Dong (215)

2. John Swain (177)         lost to         John Molyneux (196)

3. Pete Mercs (178)          drew with   Steve Burke (167)

4. Jiri Jires (2052 = 180)   beat           Glenn Halfpenny (176)

5. Tom Adams (192)         beat           David Levens (155)

                                       2.5 – 2.5 


Congratulations to Jiri on his debut for Gambit on an impressive performance against Glenn Halfpenny (who was 193 only five years ago), to Tom who turned his game around amazingly against David Levens (who used to be the equivalent of about 200 in his prime) and to Pete who had a level game against in-form Steve Burke (fresh from beating Robert Richmond, 188, for the first time).  Commiserations to Mike who missed a mate against Bao Nghia Dong and who seemed to have the edge for quite a while.  I missed a win with ten seconds left (playing on increments) but my exchange sacrifice earlier hadn't quite worked out;

My thanks to Gambit captain John Swain for the above informative verdict. Ashfield were at full strength, and Gambit pretty near to this. It seems to have been an exciting night in which most board outcomes could have swung either way. The agreement to play with the new alternative incremental time limit seems to have added to the excitement. Given the strength of the line-ups, both teams may regard this as a point won, rather than a point dropped.