Gambit 2 v Ash 1

posted Oct 26, 2017, 7:19 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 11:05 AM by Steve Bak ]
Gambit 2 v Ash 1  24.10.17

Gambit 2 drew with Ashfield 1 after looking like winning at one point. Jiri was beaten fairly quickly by Dong. Tom was two pawns up against John Molyneux but as the game exploded into life John managed to get both back and after the dust had settled Tom found himself with a bishop v 2 connected pawns. Fortunately he was able to get his king back just in time to ensure a draw. Oliver was looking very comfortable against Steve Burke with at least a draw and a strong pawn on the 7th rank. He then played a couple of weakening moves allowing Steve a mating threat which he could only stop by leaving his support of the advanced pawn. Steve took the pawn and proceeded to invade Oliver’s position and it was soon over. Mike N was involved in a tight battle with Glenn Halfpenny who had a good looking pawn advance. However Mike played nicely ending a pawn up and, although he missed a forced win, he did pounce on a later mistake by Glenn to win. Onos also had a tight game v David Levens but took advantage of an error by David to win a piece and the game. ( Thanks to Drag Sudar for this report.) 

Ashfield player views - Steve -" I had a big advantage after the opening, but missed the best line. Then equal until I played too optimistically for a queenside attack and could have lost if Oliver had attacked my kingside while my pieces were far away. Luckily he was distracted from that by my queenside threats."             
 David - "Last night was the second time I had lost to Gambit from seemingly better positions. Against Tom Adams I definitely missed a win in time trouble, but against my oponent last night I played a risky sacrifice that should have worked out - when we went through the game after, my opponent was clearly unsure and also thought I should have won. However, when I got home and put the game on Fritz it was clear my sac was unsound?! I made it worse by changing my mind about the continuation and miscalculated horribly.".

Result Gambit 2       2.5        Ashfield 1      2.5