Gambit X v Ash 3

posted Feb 26, 2018, 5:08 AM by Phil Morgan
Gambit X  v  A3    20.02.18

Gambit X narrowly beat Ashfield 3 by 3 – 2 on Tuesday. Mike N won an exchange v Neil Graham (how often have the same two players played each other on consecutive nights with the same colours, for different teams?) and won fairly comfortably. Graham won a pawn v Richard Dyce but promptly lost one and the game petered out to a draw. Drag was in a drawn position versus Trevor Lewis but stupidly decided to try to win and played a losing move. What game management and experience? (see Phil’s article on the NCA site). Andrei Procopie made his debut for the club, v Alan Robinson. Andrei built up a decent queen side position but Alan is nothing if not resourceful and eventually Andrei had to accept a draw. This win leaves Gambit X on 18 points from 10 matches, needing two more points from their remaining 4 matches for promotion and 3 points for the title.

Above Report courtesy of Gambit site,   (Trevor's team gave a good test to the runaway Division leaders, and on current form are playing better than Ashfield 2 - Phil )