Grantham 2 v Ash 3

posted Oct 6, 2017, 9:24 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 4:30 PM by Steve Bak ]
4.10.17  Grantham 2 v Ashfield 3

1 J Dilley  188  v P Morgan  141   1-0
2 P Cusick 162 v N Graham 145   draw
3 A Hebert  158 v N Wright  133   1-0
4 C Holt      159 v J Shaw    133   1-0
5 B Mason   146 v T Lewis   114   draw

Result  Grantham -Ashfield   4-1

With Grantham's bottom board outgrading all of us, the resultt was probably a par score. Grantham took command in the middle boards. Mine was a game of two halves, I had a pleasant initiative in the first half. Jason won the half that matters.. Trevor did well to hold a draw in his game, as did Neil. Neil seemed on the back foot for most of his game , but managed to eliminate pawns so that he was defending with just his King against his opponent's King, Knight and Bishop A tricky ending to win especially with little time on the clock..Neil's endeavour was rewarded when he made the pleasant discovery that his King had no legal moves in the position below. 

Neil's opponent had just moved his King from c3 to b3. with the right idea of driving Neil's King to the a8 square on which he can be checkmated. The drawback of the move is it gives stalemate, which  counts as a draw although White is two pieces to the good.

It was an enlightening evening all round. On the outward journey  we learnt from Neil about Polytechnics which have acquired University status, and on our return the closure of the Kelham Road Bridge gave John the chance to travel through villages he'd never heard of  e.g. Caunton and Wellow..