Newark 1 v Ashfield 1

posted Mar 8, 2018, 3:46 AM by Phil Morgan
Newark 1 v Ashfield 1      5.3.18

Part 1 of the Great Escape?

M Smith        1/2 v 1/2    J Molyneux
A Combie         0 v 1       G Halfpenny
Z Tardi             1 v 0       S Burke
A George         0 v 1       D Levens
I Burridge     1/2 v 1/2    N Graham
And so the fight goes on – at least until Gambit 2 play WN1 next Tuesday!
All the games were long and hard fought. I managed to blunder a piece in a better position, putting more pressure than should have been on Glenn to win with an extra pawn and more time. Luckily David’s improved results have coincided with a few late blunders by myself – hopefully this isn’t contagious - Steve