Nomads 1 v Ash 2

posted Mar 13, 2018, 4:09 AM by Phil Morgan
Nomads 1 v Ash 2     12.3.18

Our team's first visit to the Organ Grinder coincided with news of Ken Dodd's death. Neil regaled us with his songs   en route. This is unlikely to develop into a regular pre-match ritual but it gave us a lift on the night. Jerry found the venue and ale to his liking and avenged his earlier season loss to Dave.  Neil's game looked to most of us to be headed for a draw, but Neil spotted the chance to play into a winning King and Pawns ending. The rest of us backed up with draws. I broke my sequence of losing to rival captains.

Nomads1 v A2 
1 D Flynn   0 - 1 J Herrington 
2 S Bayhaat  - R Taylor  draw
3  M Hill   - P Morgan  draw
4 D Griffiths  0 - 1  N Graham 
5 G Neill   - A Robinson draw

Result  1.5 - 3.5    Nomads ? - Tears for Souvenirs are what we left them We drove home with More Than Our Share of Happiness.