Nomads 3 v Ash 4

posted May 21, 2018, 11:52 PM by Phil Morgan
Nomads 3 v Ashfield 4

The result of Nomads 3 v Ashfield 4, played 14/05/2018, is as follows:

Nomads 3                             4  -  1                     Ashfield 4

Dave Dunne                         1  -  0                     Malcolm Jackson
Clement Owusu                    1  -  0                    Trevor Lewis
Ivan Pedro                           0.5 - 0.5                 Richard Dyce
A. Young                              0.5 - 0.5                 Ric Dawson
S. Swanwick                         1  -  0                    Default

The curtain drew on another club League season as our fatigued team playing its fourth game in under a month was soundly beaten. A defaulted board did not help, but the game was won by the 2 very good wins for the home team on the top boards. The unavailabilty of George Heath on Monday nights has cost the team in the second half of the season, although the team gathered enough points in the bag in the first half of the season to finish in sixth place in the division..